Black Skin: How to Restore Radiance to the Complexion?

teint éclatant peau noire

A fresh and radiant complexion is the wish of every Oya ! More brightness, less irregularities, you do not always know how to express your dream of ideal skin. Rest assured, at In'Oya, we understand you. This is a fundamental need that we want to meet to allow you to feel beautiful on a daily basis. We give you the keys to put an end to the dull look and imperfections.

You will finally know how to find a radiant complexion naturally and sublimate it with simple tips.

Radiance of the complexion : what exactly is it?

Definition of a radiant complexion

Whether you have black, matte or mixed skin, the quest for a radiant complexion makes you dream ! In reality, the desire for a dapper and bright mine encompasses several expectations. By making a cross on a dull and blurred aspect, you want to overcome several problems.

The radiance of the complexion is :

-       Freshness

-       A rested face

-       Supple, smooth and bouncy skin

-       Uniform color

-       Proof of health

The " good look " also goes through the absence of imperfections :

-       Buttons and blackheads

-       Pigment spots

-       Wrinkles

When you're looking for a glowing complexion, you just crave dazzling skin! Looking at the goals hidden behind this wish, you must have in mind all of these elements to achieve your goal.

A synergy of targeted actions for a natural " glow "

An ideal complexion for black and mixed skin is actually the result of different essential and complementary gestures. You have to operate on several axes to get the famous " glow ".

We give you a complete guide in 3 steps :

-        A skincare routine adapted to your skin type to target your needs and your problem : spots, pimples, etc. You meet the expectations of your epidermis.

-        Taking dietary supplements formulated for the radiance of the complexion, this nutrient booster will make your complexion fresher from the inside. They help skin cells to renew themselves faster.

-        A natural luminous makeup to sublimate your regained radiance . An ideal choice of colors for your clothing and your hair will finalize your beauty.

éclat du teint peau noire avant/ après

What beauty treatments to unify and clarify your complexion?

Benefit from the diagnosis of your skin for a unified complexion

The mistake when looking to get a radiant complexion is to turn directly to a " good look " make-up. However, the first step is to ensure that the cosmetic care provided is those adapted to your skin. When we carry out online diagnoses, our advisors regularly notice faults at this level.

Some people think that sensitive skin is to be classified on the side of dry skin. However, combination or oily skin can also be sensitive : a cream that is too rich can lead to a revival of imperfections. Conversely, using an oily skin care on dry skin will undoubtedly irritate him.

In addition, the needs of your epidermis sometimes evolve with the seasons, environments (city, beach, etc.), but also various events (pregnancy, illness, stress, etc.). It is therefore essential to take these points into account before you want to " hide " your imperfections under makeup.

Apply a skincare routine face & body anti dull complexion

The other misstep committed regularly is not to use a specific facial cleansing treatment. Washing only with water is not enough. Makeup and impurities must be carefully removed. And beware of the shower gel formulated for the body or the classic soap. They can unfortunately dry out your epidermis. Attacked, it can develop pimples, inflammatory reactions, etc. Choosing a proper facial cleanser is as important as choosing your day cream!

The same vigilance must be brought to the body. A radiant complexion does not stop at the neck. Take care to select the cleanser applied to the  body to respect the sensitivity of your epidermis. Do not forget the step of hydration with a unifying and nourishing milk or a shea butter balm for luminous skin.

Consider exfoliation to tighten pores and activate microcirculation. The skin texture is immediately smoother. It also allows cells to renew themselves more quickly. For black skin, this is an important moment, as the regeneration process is longer than for white skin. However, be sure to choose a gentle scrub. Perform light movements to remove dead cells on the face and body. 

Good looks is, of course, the result of excellent hydration. The application of a morning and evening cream is essential to pulse the rebound of your skin. The day care will allow your skin to fight against external aggressions: wind, cold, dust, etc. While the night one will strengthen the natural regeneration and therefore its flexibility and elasticity in the long term. As we mentioned earlier, this phase is crucial to offer dark skin the opportunity to recharge their batteries in depth. A fresh and rested complexion in the morning is worked during your sleep !

If you have particular problems such as pimples or hyperpigmentation spots, the care protocol may include targeted treatment to achieve a radiant complexion. Thus, it will be important to apply, according to the objectives, a complementary product: anti-stain serum, anti-imperfection corrector ... Finally, never forget your sun protection in case of prolonged exposure! It is the basis of a unified complexion.

nutricosmétique éclat peau noire

Innovate with a special " shine " cure

To strengthen this action, you can provide your body with targeted nutrients. The idea is to take care of your skin as part of an integral protocol, with a cure of nutricosmetics " radiance of the complexion". At mealtimes, this booster is an easy and quick gesture to include in your habits.

To achieve optimal effectiveness, it is important to use these dietary supplements combined with a personalized skincare routine. The point of vigilance, when starting a cure, is regularity. You will have results, only if you respect the dosage indicated on the package leaflet of your nutricosmetic.

This " beauty " investment will bear fruit in the long term. We generally recommend that you follow it one to three months ideally. This is the time needed to see the benefits of the active ingredients on your skin, combined with your dermo-cosmetic care

Our secret tips for a natural glow up

Choose the ideal colors in your dressing room to radiate naturally

Your complexion is luminous naturally. You might stop at this point. But at In'Oya, we like to go further ! Your beauty also goes through your enhancement. Opting for the right colors in your wardrobe is decisive for the image you are going to return.

Have you ever noticed how some tops sublimate you more than others, while the cut is identical ? It's a trick we talk about regularly, because it's not well known. Yet it can change everything! To find out how to choose the ideal colors of clothing and accessories, find our tips to brighten your complexion by identifying your subtone.

Maquillage éclat naturel peu noire

Reveal your natural shine : focus on make-up and hair color

These recommendations are also applicable to make-up. Foundation, bb cream, illuminator, blush, etc. : these products can beautify you. But if you do not find the right tone, they may make you look grey ! Ditto for eye or lip makeup.

Also be careful about textures : powders are not recommended for black skin, as they tend to tarnish the complexion. Hyperpigmented and creamy shadows are much more suitable for a successful beauty.

Did you know that the shades of your hair can play a decisive role in the radiance of your complexion ? Exit the received ideas about the colors that can be adopted when you have black skin! Dare a few clear locks around the face, in additions... Or in total look : you could be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Laure d'In'Oya also wanted to prove it to you in pictures. And you, what are your beauty secrets for a more radiant complexion? Share your tips with us!