How long can you keep your cosmetic products?

conservation produits cosmétiques
Cosmetic products containing different ingredients: Water, oils, moisturizing agents (or mattifiers), preservatives, anti-bacterial agents... undergo rigorous tests that make it possible to evaluate the maximum durability of conservation under the same conditions as your consumption habits (humid bathroom atmosphere, ambient heat ...).

 Nevertheless, exposure to air promotes the evaporation of water. In contact with light or heat, the different ingredients constituting any cosmetic product gradually lose their effectiveness & consistency, and their texture eventually degrades. Thus, the product becomes unstable therefore, ineffective.


In addition, liquid-based products (water or oil) are fertile ground for bacteria. The risk of bacterial contamination increases as well as the infections that could result.
Note that the shelf life will depend on the type of cosmetic product, quality and conservation hygiene. When to throw them away then?


- A moisturizer in tube or pump: about 1 year.

- A moisturizer in a jar: from 6 to 10 months, due to exposure to air, light and heat.

- A foundation and a liquid concealer: from 6 to 12 months, due to the water or oil content.

- A blush, a powdered eye shadow and a makeup remover can last 1 year provided they are kept in the right conditions. For the makeup remover, keep dry, and tightly closed after each use. For powders, clean brushes and puffs very regularly and close well after each use.

- A mascara is the product that is the least preserved because of the high water content (therefore the risk of bacterial contamination). A duration of 3 months no more. Great caution is required with products that come into contact with the eyes.

- A pencil for the eyes and lips can be kept for up to 2 years. These are the cosmetic products that last the longest provided that they are tightly closed after each use.

- Finally, a serum (fluid) such as the MEL'OYA® Anti-Stain Serum can be stored for 3 to 6 months after opening. Such a product is 70% liquid-based can only be stored beyond 6 months.


1. To avoid contamination, wash your hands before each use of a cosmetic product, do not share your products with others and keep your products dry and away from heat and sun.

2. Monitor the slightest change in the smell, color or consistency of the products you use. How you treat your products can also affect their shelf life. If you take care of them and they are only out of date by a few months, there should be no problem.


The duration of use after opening each product is mentioned on the packaging of the latter with a pictogram represented by a jar and on which appears a number and the letter M. The number + the letter M represent, in months, this recommended duration of use after opening.