Beauty products: when should you get rid of them ?

conservation produits cosmétiques
Increasingly, black & matte consumers pay attention to the chemical components and additives (paraben type) present in their beauty products and thus favor organic products; but they are not as attentive to their expiry date.

Beauty products also have an expiry date, but very often, users tend to forget it while the risks are present: allergies, pimples, bacterial infections... In addition, beauty care products must be stored in a healthy environment. Leaving a lipstick or pencil without a cap in your makeup bag causes bacteria to form on these products. In addition, contact with light makes them lose efficiency. Even if the financial aspect is often a hindrance (buying an overpriced cream), you have to resign yourself to throwing away the product when it is expired.


1. Wash and wipe your hands before using a product, avoiding putting your fingers directly in a jar of cream, for example, and use a brush or a clean cotton swab instead. If you use a brush, remember to wash it regularly.
2. Close the container immediately after using it.
3. Store products away from heat and light and do not keep your makeup in the bathroom (this is a damp room where bacteria will grow more easily).
4. After an eye infection or cold sore, discard the products you have used.
5. Finally, trim your pencils (for the eyes and lips) regularly, if possible after each use.


Treatments packaged in "airless" pump bottles are recommended: neither air nor bacteria enter the product (no risk of contamination or oxidation). The MEL'OYA® "anti-stain" Serum is packaged in a double shell "airless" bottle, which preserves the active ingredients of mel'OYA® technologies while protecting them from the external environment.