Fatou, 32 ans : taches noires et boutons


"My name is Fatou, I am 32 years old I am of Senegalese origin.

I have had my pimples since the age of puberty. I used all kinds of soaps, creams, lightening tubes in short I applied everything that was recommended to me because I was desperate. I saw a dermatologist twice, who gave me treatments and taught me that it was of hormonal origin. Indeed, as soon as I stopped the treatments, the pimples resumed. The doctors prescribed me a pill I took it 6 months it was nickel I had more pimples but when I stopped they came back and I understood that I was going to depend on it all my life and I stopped everything.

I started again applying scrubs and masks and it created burns all over my face.

On May 19, 2018 a friend advised me to use IN'OYA products I was retracting at first but finally I started I went to the pharmacy to make a skin diagnosis I was told that I had a dry skin at 30% so I took almost the whole range. From the first use I had a feeling of softness. My face has never felt so good because all the products I had to use made me tingling effects, it seriously attacked my skin and there for the first time I did not feel anything I said to myself this is what I was looking for!

After two months of use I began to regain my skin texture my face was brightening day by day I began to stop putting makeup because before I did not dare to go out without makeup. And then I felt better and better. Then I stopped for a while.

Then, one day while I was shopping on the IN'OYA website I decided to participate in the OYA Program to win a full treatment. I had put a horrible photo that showed the gravity of my situation. I was surprised to have been selected I said to myself so these people they really trust their products. I then earned a treatment for three months, received my order and started my treatment. From time to time I sent photos to a counselor who watched over my evolution and gave me advice etc. I do not regret this experience at all I am completely satisfied with my result. I recommend all women to use IN'OYA products. I tell you no product has ever succeeded me until I cross the path of IN'OYA. So for advice it is necessary to respect the process of use take the time to clean well put the products as it is prescribed and keep a good hygiene (use clean towels and only for the face).

Apply the products with pleasure and I promise you that you will only be fully satisfied my ladies.

Long live inoya, long live the black and natural beauty!"

Fatou used:

- My Cleansing Cleansing Foam CLEAN'OYA® : Morning and evening to cleanse and mattify the skin by regulating excess sebum.

- My MEL'OYA® anti-stain serum: Every evening on hyperpigmentation spots, on clean and dry skin.

- My ACN'OYA® Anti-Imperfetion Care : Every night on the face to quickly dry out pimples and avoid residual marks.

- My CLEAN'OYA® Exfoliating Cleansing Gel: 2 to 3 times a week emphasizing the areas to be treated.

- My Solar Fluid SPF 50 SUN'OYA®: Every morning to protect your skin from uv a and uv b rays from the sun.