Find a dermatologist specialized in dark skin

Trouver un dermatologue spécialiste de la Peau NoireWe can never say it enough : the needs of black, matte and mixed skin are not the same as those of light skin. Many OYA are looking for a good dermatologist who can meet their needs and problems : peeling, acne, eczema, scars, black or brown spots...

Here are some tips from our experts to get answers and find a good dermatologist !           

Dermatologists are very familiar with each skin problem but there are some, such as hyperpigmentation, which may require specific and adapted advice. Many of you ask us if we can recommend certain centers or hospitals for a consultation, so here are some addresses where you can find professionals specialized in black skin in France :      

  • Saint Louis Hospital – 1 Avenue Claude Vellefaux, 75010 Paris - 01 42 49 49 49
  • Bichat Hospital – Dr Mergui - 46 Rue Henri Huchard, 75018 Paris - 01 40 25 80 80
  • Henri Mondor Hospital  51 Av. du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 94010 Créteil - 01 49 81 21 11
  • Centre Sabouraud  2 Place Doct Alfred Fournier, 75010 Paris - 01 42 49 39 39
  • Europe Medical Center  44 Rue d'Amsterdam, 75009 Paris - 01 42 81 93 33
  • Opera Medical Center  Dr Moreno - 31-33 rue Caumartin 75009 Paris - 01 44 51 68 28 

Note : most dermatological centers are located in Paris and the Paris region, and it may be necessary to count several months before getting an appointment. Feel free to call well in advance !
You can also carry out your research and make appointments on the Doctolib website or application. 



Do you want to treat spots and think about dermatological peeling? Although it can be an often exposed solution, it is generally not recommended to perform a peel on black skin. Why ? Because this process presents a high risk of hyperpigmentation : melanin cells (the " pigments " of the skin) being targeted by the laser can be destroyed, which can leave stubborn spots on your skin. In addition, peeling on black skin can cost 20 to 50% more than on fair skin !

If this solution still tempts you, preferably contact a professional specialized in black skin who will explain in detail how he can proceed. 



If you are looking to treat hyperpigmentation spots, it is rather recommended to use a suitable anti-stain treatment that will overcome all types of spots, and this permanently.



At IN'OYA, black skin dermatology is one of the main areas of research and it is for this reason that our team regularly works with dermatologists and regularly participates in the Paris Dermatological Days, one of the unmissable global meetings for skin professionals. In our blog, we regularly interview doctors specializing in black skin such as Dr. Quillet-Dye or Dr. Traoré.

If you have difficulty getting a consultation with a dermatologist specialized in black skin or you want to receive adapted advice, at IN'OYA we put in place different means to allow you to get all the answers to your questions. Skin type, problems... Do not hesitate to make an online  skin diagnosis to better understand your skin and its needs ! To receive your complete and personalized care protocol, you can contact our experts by email at contact@inoya-laboratoire.com or by phone at +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28.