Black, Matte and Mixed Skin: The Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

les bienfaits de l'huile de germe de blé sur la peau noire

Wheat Germ oil is a beneficial oil with a thousand and one virtues. It repairs and soothes damaged skin and participates in the fight against skin aging.

One of the main active ingredients constituting My Body Milk "Unifying Moisturizer", let's see in detail the properties of this miracle oil...

Its symbolic origins

Wheat is the symbol of Mother Earth. It is one of the emblems of Osiris, god of the Egyptian pantheon and king of ancient Egypt. As Osiris is resurrected after being thrown into the Nile, wheat is reborn from the land liberated by the river's receding.

Wheat cultivation was established in the fifteenth century in Mali from the Timbuktu region. It has then been transmitted over time to the present day. Used since the dawn of time in agriculture, its oil is now used in cosmetics because of its spectacular properties on the skin. This oil is obtained by cold pressing wheat germ.

Wheat Germ oil is the oil that contains the most vitamin E. Represented by the amount of tocopherols, this vitamin is a powerful "anti-oxidant" agent. Indeed, it makes it possible to fight against free radicals created during an external aggression (pollution, sun exposure, tobacco etc.). Clearly, the skin is as if protected, it regains its radiance and youth.

In addition, its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids allows the skin to reconstitute its hydro-lipidic film by giving it a feeling of comfort and deeply nourished skin. It is perfect for dry and rough skin.

At the forefront of research on the active ingredients of natural substances, the IN'OYA Laboratory has decided to integrate Wheat Germ oil into My Body Milk "Moisturizing Unifying" body. In addition, the presence of the active MEL'OYA® Lite allows all our "OYA" to perfect their anti-stain treatment and find a radiant skin.

Its fresh smell and creamy, non-sticky texture provides an immediate soothing sensation.

Use morning and /or evening on previously cleansed and dried skin.

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