How to have a Firm & Toned Black Skin?

peau noire ferme

Many black and matte women dream of having firm and toned skin. This is probably even your case! Why does the skin lose its elasticity, and what solutions are there? The IN'OYA team brings you its answers.

Very trendy, firming treatments for the face and body are more and more in demand: we seek to keep a firm body and a smooth and toned skin. After a few years, the skin will lose moisture and produce less ceramides, the "cement" of the skin that retains moisture. We notice that at the level of the dermis, the skin cells will synthesize less collagen and elastin, hence the loss of firmness and elasticity. It should be noted that the production of collagen in the skin decreases by 1.5% per year. However, tips and advice are good to know to easily find a firmer and more toned skin!

Advice :

The secret of the firmness of the skin does not lie in its superficial layers, but in the dermis, in the heart of the skin. So remember to moisturize your skin regularly, especially with a cream bringing you ceramides such as My Moisturizing Unifying Care (for dry skin) or My Mattifying Unifying Care (for combination to oily skin), and especially to drink plenty of water ! Also remember to give yourself a small massage when you apply your moisturizer, this will stimulate the circulation of blood in the upper layers of the skin, always resulting in better irrigated and therefore firmer skin. In addition to good hydration, a good cleansing of the skin is essential to keep it smooth and toned. The CLEAN'OYA range will allow you to find the right cleanser for your skin type (see our Beauty Tip on this subject)

Tip :

You can alternate hot and cold water in the shower. The temperature difference will stimulate microcirculation, and cold water will tighten the pores so firm your skin. If you are not too chilly of course! We all know it, you have to suffer to be beautiful.