Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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A faithful OYA very satisfied with the results of efficiency


Fatoumata, 25 years old : "I decided to trust IN'OYA following the recommendations of a childhood friend and blogger ambassador of the brand. Today I do not regret it at all. * Whenever I use...

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I finally got rid of my dark spots with IN'OYA


            Day 0                   Day 28 I discovered IN'OYA and started my treatment in October 2016. I contacted the Team a few weeks after because I needed advice and information on the...

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I finally have a beautiful skin with IN'OYA!


I want to thank the IN'OYA team, you are doing a great job and I finally have a beautiful skin thanks to your products!  Paule used: - CLEAN'OYA ®  My Foam Purifying Cleansing :...

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IN'OYA products help me get a beautiful smooth skin


These are recent pictures to show the evolution of my treatment with IN'OYA products, the quality is not great and I don't have the final results as I had to pause my treatment because of health...

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I was desperate thinking I would never have a beautiful skin


I discovered IN'OYA products thanks to a friend who told be that they were very good. I took a chance and registered for My OYA Program in order to win a free personnalised treatment, and I was...

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