Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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IN’OYA, a true advancement for black and dark skin


LIKA, 35 years old: “In my search for cosmetic products specifically for black and dark skin, I was suspicious of brands which are currently available on the market. Now, I can say that for me,...

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Thanks to the whole IN’OYA team for all that you have done for black and dark skinet mate

OYA.B (n'a pas souhaité montrer sa photo)

OYA.B, 51 Years old: “I discovered the existence of the IN’OYA Lab through a television report. I requested to join their panel of testers in 2013 to try their products before launch. My...

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IN’OYA, a team of experts in black and dark skin


GES, 23 years old:  “Followed by the IN’OYA team whilst I was a member of their panel of testers in 2013, I was delighted to entrust my skin to a true   group of experts  in black and...

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My skin and me, devoted to My Corrector Unifying Matifying


Nelly, 20 years old: It’s been a week since I have been using the   Corrector Unifying Matifying  on my black skin. My skin is truly soft to the touch. I thought that I...

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Thank you to the IN’OYA team for the follow-up, advice and availability!


MERYEM, 24 years old:  “I’m from Morocco and I discovered the existence of the IN’OYA Lab in January via an article in “Young Africa” which mentioned the career of their   founder ,...

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