Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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F, 54 years old : puffiness


"Since I was a teenager, I have searched and tried to treat my dark circles and never found a product that worked or gave me results. And yet, I never looked at my budget to treat my dark circles....

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Leslie, 32 years old : Dark spot on her face


Leslie : « Hello, I am Leslie, 32 years old. My black skin is sensitive when I have pimples. These pimple then leaves black spots.   Over the years, my face was invaded by imperfections and I...

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Louise, 25 years old : Dark spot and pimples on her face


Louise :  "I enrolled in the OYA program because I have had a severe acne attack since April 2020 (I had never had one before) that has left marks on parts of my face and in some places, micro...

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Saïda, 26 : pimples on her face


Josy : « My name is Saïda. I've always had this acne problem, which later left me with hyperpigmentation spots that created a complex in me. I discovered IN’OYA by looking Youtube video of...

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Syndie, 30 : Dark spot and pimples on her face


Syndie :  “I have combination to oily skin and from a very young age I have had skin problems. Regular consultations with the dermatologist, roacutan 2 X 8 months after the failure of the...

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