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Corinne, Brown spots on the T-zone of the face


“Hello, my name is Corinne, It all started, at the end of 2021 it was the race for work and the stress of work took place quite crescendo in my life accompanied by a poor diet. This resulted...

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Samianti, pimples on her face


« Hello my name is Samianti, I am 20 years old. I have been fighting acne since I was 14. To be honest I never looked for products that were suitable for my skin, I used to do natural...

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Olivia : Hormonal pimples and brown spots scarring


"Hi, I'm Olivia, I'm 28 and I'm the founder of Merci.oli. I have been fighting acne since I was 12 years old. I have used a lot of products that are found in conventional stores. This has caused...

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Carole: Hormonal pimples and brown spots scarring


Carole :  « I started my IN'OYA routine last April. Since stopping my oral contraceptive, my acne has returned aggressively. I searched and tested for a long time for products that could stop...

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Maryama : Dark spot on her face


Maryama :  « My Correcting Serum : my miracle after so many years ! I'm really glad I had the opportunity to try this serum because I've had hyperpigmentation spots all over my face since I was...

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