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Sandra, 31 years old : Dark spot and pimples on her face


Sandra : " If I were to give a title to my testimony I would say "patience pays, everything depends on you" Long story short, until I was 28, I didn’t need a foundation. I had never had acne...

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Karen, 28 : Dark spot and pimples on her face


Karen :  " In 2018 November, I started using IN'OYA products as part of the OYA Program ... Today, I highly recommend them, the result speaks for itself! My face was flooded with spots and...

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Fatou, 32 : Dark spot and pimples on her face


Fatou: "My name is Fatou, I am 32 years old I am of Senegalese origin. I had my pimples since the age of puberty. I used all kinds of products such as soaps, creams and lightening tubes. In...

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Mamy, 25: Pimples on the whole face


Mamy: "I started this routine of care after a big push of pimples when I stopped my contraception. I could not stand to put a foundation to try to hide, I was really bad in my skin. IN'OYA was a...

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Amandine, 27: Dark spot and pimples on her face


Amandine : "A few months ago, I was fed up with my skin problems. Every day I piled up layers of foundation and powder to hide all the black spots and scars accumulated during my teenage years or...

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