Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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Proud of my ebony complexion

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Sanaba – Found perfect products for her black skin

SANABA, 45 years old:

“When I began using the MEL’OYA® range, mainly the Corrector Unifying Matifying, I had complexion problems and my face was shiny. However, after a month of use, my complexion is smoother and I don’t need to wear foundation, even in y country where it’s super hot and bright even in the middle of the morning. What's more, I didn’t lighten my skin at all and my ebony complexion is even more beautiful. Thank you to the IN’OYA team!”

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afimel - 12/12/15 à 11:55

svp dites moi si sa corrige l'hyperpigmentation des coudes et fesses

Souaré dramé - 09/08/16 à 15:27

Je suis contente car j'ai beaucoup moins de sebum au niveau du front du nez et du menton j'ai une peau normale à mixte par contre j'ai l'impression que ça a asséché la peau car j'ai des plaques maintenant


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