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Search for black and brown skin

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Choosing the right sun protection for dark skin

Why and How to Protect Black Skin from the Sun

Many people believe that having brown skin means you don't need to protect it from the sun. But is that really true?

Eumelanins, pigments in dark and olive skin, protect your skin against sun exposure (and more precisely against UV rays). However, sun exposure can cause differences in pigmentation, especially on the face and areas that have been damaged, such as by acne, scars, allergies, etc.

Using a unifying or dark spot correcting product like MEL'OYA® My Corrector Unifying ou MEL'OYA® My Correcting Serum, and will cause lower levels of eumelanins in your skin, reducing your level of skin protection in the sun. This means you'll need extra protection !


Contrary to popular belief, dark and olive skin need to be protected from the sun. It is essential to avoid stimulating eumelanins, which can cause the appearance of dark spots. In summer, never expose your skin with sunscreen with an SPF 50 like SUN'OYA® My Sun Fluid to keep your skin even and looking its best. To treat dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation you should also use products containing an adequate SPF.


Use dark spot correcting products at night and when possible, begin your dark spot correcting, imperfections and scar correcting treatments in winter.

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