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I treat my spots with my "In & Out" skincare routine

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"in & out" anti-spot protocol

You have black, dark or mixed skin and you notice brown or black spots on your face or body? Persistent, you feel like you've tried everything and yet they are still there!

Today we are offering you a brand new "Anti-Spot" treatment protocol specialized for pigmented skin. Based on this new "In & Out" trend, it treats your spots from the inside and the outside.

So like, don't hesitate, you can trust us

What are hyperpigmentation spots?

These dark, brown or black spots are scientifically called hyperpigmentation spots. Their appearance is one of the first skin problems encountered in black, dark and mixed race skin.

They are created by an overproduction of melanin caused in part by :

- UV rays from the sun

- Hormones (pregnancy mask or melasma)

- Stress

- Inflammatory reactions such as the healing of an acne pimple, repeated rubbing (e.g. wearing a mask)

- The presence of inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema or urticaria

- The use of inappropriate skin care products, especially lightening products.

Food supplements to eliminate hyperpigmentation spots

Food supplements to eliminate hyperpigmentation spots?

Are you familiar with nutricosmetics? These are food supplements dedicated to the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. It is the current trend to take care of your skin from the inside.

 Today, thanks to My Dietary supplements Unifying & Radiant Complexion, you will be able to act from the inside on the spots of your face or your body whether they are present or not yet visible. It treats and prevents hyperpigmentation spots to guarantee spotless skin and a naturally radiant complexion.

This is possible thanks to our MEL'OYA CAPS technology composed in part of holly extract. This is our latest patented active ingredient, proof of our expertise in black, dark and mixed-race skin.

Its more, it has in fact a triple additional action:

- It protects your skin from external aggressions

- It maintains a healthy skin without imperfections

- It fights against the deficiencies in vitamin D

"In & Out" anti-stain treatment protocol

What is this new "In & Out" anti-spot treatment protocol?

It is not a question of choosing between nutricosmetics and your cosmetic care. On the contrary, their complementarities guarantee you an optimal efficiency on your pigmentation spots.

Your "In & Out" anti-spot treatment protocol is determined by two actions:

- An "In/Inside" action from the inside by taking My Dietary Supplements Unifying & Radiant Complexion.

- An "Out/Outside" action that is defined by the use of My Correcting Serum in topical application.

We have therefore combined them in the "I treat my spots In & Out" pack, available only on our website so that you can benefit from a discount on the combination of these two anti-spot treatments.

dietary supplements unifying & radiant complexion

To better understand :

The "In" action consists in taking every evening, a capsule of My Dietary Supplements Unifying & Radiant Compexion before or after the meal with a big glass of water. It's a quick and easy step that can easily be included in your classic anti-spot treatment protocol, whatever your skin type. It is a cure to be carried out between 1 and 3 months.

The "Out" action is characterized by the topical and local application of "My Correcting Serum" on your face and body spots. We recommend that you use it preferably in the evening on well-cleansed skin. It is important to include it in your skin care routine in order to optimize its results. This is perfectly detailed in our article: How to remove spots on skin without danger.

Need to visualize this? Check out our "My Anti-Spot In & Out Skincare Protocol" video routine on our Instagram account.

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