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TYRP 1 (Tyrosinase-Related-Protein 1). Study of the mechanism by which these enzymes function allows insight into the phenomenon of melanogenesis in people of colour.

In 2011, along with a team of experts in dark and olive skin, Abd Haq Bengeloune, a young biomedical engineer of Senegalese descent, began using this genetic research as the foundation to create le Laboratoire IN'OYA.

The aim: to create the first effective dermocosmetic dark spot corrector without side effects, which takes into account the specific genes of dark and olive skin tones.

With help from the leading research labs in France (CNRS – Joint Research Unit UMR 7273 and INSERM – Joint Research Unit UMR 911) and with the backing of innovation support structures (BPI France, DAP, PACI, among others), IN'OYA Laboratoire has won numerous accolades since its inception (Phare "Euromed 2011", Africangels "Best African Entrepreneur in France 2011", La Provence "Trophées de l'Economie 2012")

Using the findings from research on melanogenesis and two years of research, IN'OYA's researchers developed its first skin tone correcting technology innovation for dark skin, MEL'OYA® which blocks both the TYRP 1 enzyme and Tyrosinase to effectively act on spots due to hyperpigmentation.

This technology is protected by a European patent (EP2705830/A1) and an international patent (WO2014/037111/AS) in cooperation with Aix-Marseille University and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

These technological advances allowed Laboratoire IN'OYA to launch in 2013 the MEL'OYA® skin tone corrector range specifically for dark and olive skin tones, that acts effectively on spots due to hyperpigmentation (inflammatory, hormonal, sun) with proven efficacy after 28 days.

On the heels of this groundbreaking technology, recognized in Europe and Africa, IN'OYA Laboratoire definitively established its positioning as a skincare brand in September 2015 by offering its patented anti-blemish technology ACN'OYA®. This innovative product acts on blackheads, whiteheads and spots by neutralizing acne-causing bacteria and eliminating inflammation at the source. This skincare range is suitable for acne-prone skin and effectively treats a skin issue affecting nearly 80% of women with dark and olive skin. 

In October 2015, the CLEAN'OYA® range rounded out the collection to give women with dark and olive skin tones a complete skincare routine. It features three cleansing products designed for dark and olive skin that contains no soap or parabens, and which have been developed to respect even the most sensitive skin. It is the perfect range for gently and deeply cleansing the skin.

In June 2016, another innovation comes out with SUN’OYA® My Sun Fluid SPF 50. Finally a sun protection that perfectly fits pigmented skin without leaving any white marks! Enriched with vitamin D-Like and Vitamin E, its unique composition helps reducing Vitamin D deficiency that leads to articular aches or lack of energy and slows down skin ageing process.

In Decembre 2016, Laboratoire IN'OYA decides to answer an other specific need and offers a brand new product, MEL'OYA® Lite My Body Milk Unifying Moisturizing. This new innovation is perfect to combine a nourishing action thanks to its very nutritive actives, as well as a unifying and illuminating action with no side effects. This new product soon becomes a must-have in every bathroom!*

In march 2019, Laboratoire IN'OYA decided to expand the CLEAN'OYA® range in order to complete the cleansing, exfoliation and purification of the skin with My Purifying Mask "Softness & Radiance". This novelty results from the combination of "100% natural" mineral clays, shea butter, aloe vera and the new CLEAN'OYA® Lite technology. This mask fits perfectly in any beauty routine and also in "anti-spots" or "anti-pimple" treatment.

In October 2019, IN'OYA launches a new REPAIR'OYA® range with the 1st Regenerating Repairing Elixir for black, matt and mixed skin. The REPAIR'OYA® complex is a combination of probiotics, prebiotics and wheat bran extract to strengthen the skin barrier to fight against external aggressions and to boost the cell renewal process and boost the physiological activity of the skin. . This new range is suitable for all skin types (combination, dry or oily) and ideal for young skin as well as mature skin.

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juin 2013, Launch of My Correcting Serum MEL'OYA®

From the beginning of its launch, My Correcting Serum encounters a real success. It is the realization of 10 years of genetic research and 3 years of development on black and brown skin. It is a very encouraging start, rewarded with several prizes for a true effectiveness.

This product has seduced black and brown women with its very good results on hyperpigmentation spots.

mars 2014, Launch of Correctors Unifying MEL'OYA

Two brand new products complete the MEL'OYA® range : My Corrector Unifying Matifying for combination to oily skin and My Corrector Unifying Moisturising for normal to dry skin.

These two-in-one products matify or moisturise and unify, and are of course specific to black skin. They contain unic and patented actives « MEL’OYA® », « MAT’OYA® » et « H2’ OYA® » that guarantee an even and shiny skin tone with no lightening effect.

mars 2014, Lancement des Soins Unifiants

Deux nouveaux soins unifiants viennent compléter la gamme "anti-taches" MEL'OYA®: Mon Soin Unifiant Matifiant pour les peaux mixtes à grasses & Mon Soin Unifiant Hydratant pour les peaux sèches.

Deux soins 2 en 1 pour matifier ou hydrater et unifier le teint sont dédiés aux peaux pigmentées. Grâce à leurs actifs uniques et brevetés « MEL’OYA® », « MAT’OYA® » et « H2’ OYA® », les soins IN’OYA vous assurent un teint éclatant quel que soit votre type de peau. Mon Soin « Unifiant Matifiant » absorbe les impuretés, régule le taux de sébum et unifie le teint pour révéler l’éclat de la peau. Mon Soin « Unifiant Hydratant » maintient une hydratation durable tout au long de la journée et uniformise la couleur de la peau pour un teint harmonisé et radieux. 

juin 2016, IN'OYA launches a solar range SUN'OYA!

IN'OYA launches a solar range SUN'OYA with my Sun Fluid SPF50!

This new innovation is the first sunscreen specific to black skin with a SPF50. More important, it leaves no white marks on skin! Enriched in vitamin D-Like and vitamin E, My Sun Fluid is perfect to keep a unified skin tone all year. It is also highly recommanded in case of an anti-dark spot or anti-imperfections treatment.

décembre 2016, New innovation : My Body Milk Unifying Moisturizing

Laboratoire IN'OYA launches a new innovation for black and brown skin: My Body Milk Unifying Moisturizing. Perfect to help in case of an anti-dark spots treatment, it leaves the skin deeply hydrated and skiny, without lightening it and with no side effects.

mars 2019, IN'OYA expand the CLEAN'OYA® range with My Purifying Mask « Softness & Radiance »

Laboratoire IN'OYA decided to expand the CLEAN'OYA® range in order to complete the cleansing, exfoliation and purification of the skin with My Purifying Mask "Softness & Radiance". This novelty results from the combination of "100% natural" mineral clays, shea butter, aloe vera and the new CLEAN'OYA® Lite technology. This mask fits perfectly in any beauty routine and also in "anti-spots" or "anti-pimple" treatment.

mars 2019, IN'OYA élargit la gamme CLEAN’OYA® avec Mon Masque Purifiant « Douceur & Éclat »

Le Laboratoire IN’OYA élargit la gamme CLEAN’OYA® afin de compléter la routine de nettoyage, d’exfoliation et de purification de la peau avec Mon Masque Purifiant « Douceur & Éclat ». Cette nouveauté résulte de l’association d’argiles minérales "100% naturelles", de beurre de karité, d’aloe vera et de la nouvelle technologie CLEAN’OYA® Lite. Ce masque s’intègre parfaitement dans toute routine beauté et aussi dans un traitement "anti-taches" ou "anti-imperfections".

mars 2011, IN'OYA is rewarded before its creation!

Laboratoire IN'OYA was one of the rewarded projects of Le Phare "Accede Provence" contest, and won the "Prize of best project of the year". A prize that recognizes the originality of the concept and its strong potentiel. It was one of the first rewards for IN'OYA, a start for this human and scientific adventure.