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Nutri-cosmetics for black, dark and mixed-race skin

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Dull complexion, appearance of hyperpigmentation spots or wrinkles on your face. Until now, to enhance or treat your skin problems, you instinctively turned to cosmetic treatments.

From now on, it is possible to take care of your skin from the inside by taking food supplements dedicated to beauty. This is the promise made by nutricosmetics.

Our experts are interested in this new "in & out" trend.  We explain in this article what  it is. How do they act on the skin and how to combine them with your skin care routine? But also why they can be beneficial for black, dark and mixed skins.

What does nutricosmetics mean?

Nutri-cosmetics is the contraction of the words nutrients and cosmetics. It groups together all the food supplements that have an action related to beauty and more particularly on the hair, nails and skin.

It is a market in full expansion. The major food supplement laboratories are now developing "beauty" ranges to complement their "slimming", "digestion" or "sleep" ranges. On the other hand, cosmetology laboratories complete their care with these new products: cosmetic food supplements.

The watchword is to take care of your skin from the inside. Indeed, the cosmetic care has for limit to be effective on the epidermis, the most superficial under layer of the skin. Today, thanks to nutricosmetics, the objective is to act more deeply, on the dermis and hypodermis. Thanks to this, we can guarantee a complete and effective action on the problems to be treated. Thus, cosmetics and nutricosmetics are not competitors but complementary.

Nutricosmetics and cosmetofood, what is the difference ?

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Nutrition has a scientifically proven impact on the quality of the skin. This is why cosmetofood and nutricosmetics were born.

Cosmetofood or dermo-nutrition consists of promoting a healthy and balanced diet in order to naturally beautify and enhance the skin. It is a matter of favoring foods rich in vitamins or minerals in order to feel their benefits on the skin. 

Nutricosmetics or food supplements for the skin provide a superior advantage over cosmetofood. Indeed, they are composed directly of micronutrients and in optimal daily nutritional value in order to effectively feel their benefits on the skin.

Thus, depending on the active ingredients chosen and their precise concentrations, we can specifically select the skin problem to be treated. The most well known are skin radiance and anti-aging/anti-wrinkle actions.  

How do nutri-cosmetics act on the skin ?

As you can see, the principle of nutricosmetics is to orally ingest active ingredients with the objective of improving or treating the skin from the inside and in depth.

However, the ability of the active ingredients to reach their cutaneous targets is not obvious. It reveals to be a real challenge for the formulators of food supplements. Indeed, many are destroyed before being assimilated by the body. To better understand this, we must look at the first two stages of the bioavailability of an active substance (pharmacokinetics):

  1. First step - Absorption: Your ingested food supplement will dissolve in your stomach and then in your digestive tract. The active ingredients will then diffuse through your blood vessels to find themselves in the general bloodstream of your body. The crucial step is therefore the positive passage of the digestive barrier.
  2. Second step - Distribution: Once in the bloodstream, the micro-nutrients will circulate in the body to reach the hypodermis and dermis. They will then interact directly with their receptors in order to effectively carry out their various cutaneous actions.

action of nutricosmetics

Focus Black, dark and mixed race skin: What are the benefits of food supplements ?

Black, dark and mixed-race skin has a high level of eumelanin (brown pigment melanin). Having a photo-protective role, they filter the sun's UV rays and thus limit its harmful effects on the skin. This is why pigmented skin is "naturally protected from the sun". However, this has a negative impact on their health.

Indeed, the synthesis of vitamin D or "sun vitamin" is carried out on the skin under the action of the sun. Because of the UV filtering capacity of their skin, dark-skinned people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This leads to bone fragility, joint pain, a weakened immune system, fatigue and poor skin regeneration.

In addition, 65% of black and dark women have mixed to oily skin on their face. A genetic characteristic that makes them prone to imperfections and especially to the appearance of acne pimples.

Thus, to formulate an ideal food supplement for pigmented skin, it is recommended to include vitamin D to fight against their deficiency but also active ingredients such as zinc which, thanks to its sebum-regulating, anti-oxidant, purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, will limit their imperfections.

A new beauty routine

This "in & out" trend offers you a new beauty routine. An "out" action through the topical application of your favorite cosmetic products will be complemented by the intake of your food supplement for an "in" action.

Before or after a meal with a large glass of water, this new treatment is a quick and easy way to include it in your pre-existing skincare routine. In order to achieve a synergy of effects, it is recommended to use products with the same skin objective (indication) in order to obtain a complete and therefore more effective treatment protocol.

To optimize your results, we advise you to follow and respect the dosage indicated for your food supplement and to keep this routine on a long-term basis. One to three months is ideal in order to feel the benefits of your active ingredients over a long period.

Gummies, tablets or capsules, what to choose ?

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