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How long can you keep your cosmetic products?

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How long can you keep your cosmetic products?Cosmetic products containing multiple ingredients – water, oils, moisturising agents (ou mattifying),
preservatives, antibacterial agents, among others – undergo a rigorous testing process to evaluate the maximum time products can be conserved under normal use conditions (damp bathroom environments, room temperature, etc.).

Nevertheless, air exposure promotes water evaporation. When its different ingredients come into contact with light or heat, a cosmetic product gradually loses its effectiveness while its consistency (and therefore texture) can change. The product becomes unstable and ineffective.

Additionally, liquid-based products (water or oil) are breeding grounds for bacteria. The risk of bacterial contamination and resulting infections increases over time. The length of time a product can be kept varies depending on the type of product, its quality and how it is stored. When should you throw out your products?

- Moisturisers in tubes or pump bottles: after about one year.

- Moisturisers in a jar: six to ten months, due to air, light and heat exposure.

- Liquid foundations and under eye circle creams: six to twelve months, due to water or oil content.

- Blush, powder eyeshadow and make-up remover: one year, if they are properly stored. Store make-up remover in a dry place, hermetically sealed after each use. For powders, close well after each use and clean brushes and powder puffs frequently.

- Mascara has the shortest conservation period due to its high water content (which increases the risk of bacterial contamination). Discard after three months max. You should always be extremely cautious with products that come into contact with your eyes.

- Eye and lip pencils can be kept up to two years. These are the products that can be kept the longest, as long as they are properly closed after each use.

- Serums (fluid) such as the MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum can be kept three to six months after opening. Products such as these with a liquid base (70%) should not be kept for more than six months.


1. To prevent contamination, wash your hands before using any cosmetic product, never share your products with anyone and keep your products dry and away from heat and sunlight.

2. Watch for any changes in odour, colour or consistency in the products you use. The way you handle your products can also affect how long they can be kept. If you are careful with them and they are only a few months past their expiration date, they should be fine to use.


The length of time a product can be used after opening is written on the packaging with a pictogram of a jar with a figure and the letter M: this is the number of months a product can be used once opened.
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