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Curfew: 5 ideas to fight against the "Metro-Work-Night" effect

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cooking quick and tasty recipes

1. Cooking quick and tasty recipes

Sometimes it's hard to be inspired for dinner after a long day at work. Thanks to curfew, say goodbye to classic culinary recipes. Take the time to discover new quick and tasty dishes. From gourmet dishes to world cuisine, there is a wide range to satisfy your taste buds and your family.

How can I save time in the kitchen and in my day?

Two methods are available to you:

- Cooking dinner and lunch for the next day at the same time

- Making "Meal prep": Cooking for 1h30 every meal of the week. It only remains to reheat. Practical you do not find?

The small + : Avoid too fatty, too rich or too spicy meals in the evening. They increase the digestion time and the temperature of your body.  Favour light meals based on legumes, wholemeal rice or fish. Rich in tryptophan, they will activate melatonin which is the sleep hormone.

For "healthy" recipes, quick and greedy, discover the recipes on the instagram of @naomi.blay

 2. Getting back into sport

You've been wanting to get back into sports for months but with your work schedule and the gyms closed, it's complicated... Now you're home much earlier and that's a very good reason to get motivated! But where to start?home fitness girl

  •  Step 1: Set yourself goals

Your sporting objective is personal, it can be to slim down, to gain muscle mass or simply to keep in shape. Two to three 30-minute sessions are enough to feel the positive effects of a good physical activity.

  •  Step 2: Exercises

"I don't know what to do...". No more excuses!  Thanks to the internet, doing sports at home is possible! Your smartphone can truly become your best trainer.

You need a defined program and regular follow-up? There are now virtual coaches on the internet or on mobile applications. You prefer personalized training sessions? With the help of YouTube or post Instagram videos, build your own exercise sequence.

  • Step 3: The equipment

Don't panic, you can do sports without equipment by using your body weight. For the bravest, the goal is not to invest thousands of euros. Leave room for your imagination. Replace the dumbbells in the gyms with bottles of water or a backpack with bags of rice, pasta etc.. Or replace your kickball with laundry for example.

Follow @matymixey's sports sessions. With its dream setting you'll feel like you're on vacation.

3. Take time for yourself

One more reason to appreciate this curfew: Your beauty rituals can now be performed on weekday evenings and not only on weekends! Make your weekly schedule to vary your wellness activities for even more pleasure. This can be for example : 

- An evening dedicated especially to your hair. From natural home-made DIY masks to protective hairstyles, you have time to take care of it. The trick is to alternate between nourishing and moisturizing hair care.

- Another evening for your skincare routine. Your skin should no longer hold any secrets for you. Perform our online skin diagnostics and then go through your complete routine. From exfoliation to mask to night cream, find a clean, smooth and radiant skin. 

- Finally, book an evening for your manicure. Is having impeccable hands important to you? From nail art to nude nail polish, feel free to be beautiful and sublimate right down to the tips of your nails. 

hairskincare natural black woman4. Disconnect from your daily life.

Mom may or may not be overwhelmed, but after work, the meal and the shower is the final straw. We then tend to go straight to bed. Today your evenings are longer. Make the most of your time and treat yourself to 10 to 20 minutes of relaxation every day. It is the ideal way to fight against mental fatigue!

Empty your mind of the stress or pressure accumulated during the day. You will thus recharge your batteries by getting a deep and restorative sleep.

To each his preference: You can for example stretch, do self-massage with or without equipment or do yoga. Remember to breathe slowly and calmly. To disconnect yourself completely, background music, soft lighting and even candles are ideal. The goal is to create a soothing environment.

When will we return to real life? One day or another it will happen. In the meantime, take advantage of the curfew to prepare your future parties and events. Discover your skin type and learn your skin sound. Watch a maximum of makeup tutorials and/or read our different beauty tips. You can become a makeup expert. Realize a nude makeup (or artistic) on black skin without any difficulty, it's achievable. It's all about having the right brushstroke.

Find make-up tutorials on the YouTube or the Instagram of our blogger @by_Laila. For makeup inspirations, we also recommend the account of @bene_mlle.

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