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Straightening natural hair : DIY like a pro!

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cheveux lisses

You like your hair curly or frizzy. But sometimes you dream of a hair completely stiff to give you a new style. Wondering if a "homemade" straightening on your hair type can be effective? Yes, it's possible! Are you afraid of damaging your lengths?

In'Oya is here to reassures you: you can trade your curly hair to change your head from time to time, without risk of weakening them in the long run.

Follow our advice with this step-by-step technique, for "silky smooth hair", the time of an evening, or even for a few days!


  1.       Impregnate your hair with a nourishing solution before shampooing is essential. Offer them a long bath of oil. By absorbing nutrients, vitamins, they will be repaired and fortified. We recommend that you select a pure vegetable oil: coconut oil, shea butter, olive, or avocado ideal for dry hair. Castor oil is also suitable because it activates the growth of hair! Jojoba oil or sweet almond are also effective because they are very fine and penetrate easily.
  2.       Moisten your hair slightly with a warm water spray. Separate them into 4 to 6 parts using a large, broad-toothed comb. This technique will allow you to apply the oil evenly. Impregnate each big bit, then make mats that you tie in a bun. Wrap everything in a hot towel during the break (about 45 minutes). Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Another variation: enrich your oil bath with protein ingredients. Mix two eggs with three or four tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey.

  1.       Apply your shampoo twice. The first time to wash, remove impurities at the root, sebum, accumulated dust. The second to allow your hair to benefit from the specific care of your shampoo. This habit of professional hairdressers is known. Even if this method is not always taken at home. Lack of time or simple forgetfulness?  However, it’s at the origin of a routine 100% successful for beautiful hair in everyday life.
  1.       Put a nourishing or moisturizing mask - preferably without sulphate, silicone or paraben - on all lengths, avoiding the roots. An enriched conditioner cream is also suitable.

Note: some "natural" type masks mixed banana or crushed avocado are reserved for use before shampooing- and therefore can not be applied at the end of routine. A simple rinsing with water would leave residues.

  1.       Take care of your rinse: start with lukewarm water, then finish with cold water. It has the power to tighten the scales of your hair and make it ultra-bright!
  1.       Dry your hair carefully, with delicacy.

Do not spin your hair vigorously or you'll see frizz! A microfiber towel is the perfect accessory to avoid this inconvenience.

cheveux lisses afro


Your hair is invigorated and ready to be smoothed, pulled, ironed! Taming your rebellious wicks is going to be a breeze. Before you start drying, always check that your hair is still not wet. This could make your hair dry and brittle.

Put a hazelnut of thermo-active care or a serum on the lengths. Applied before drying, these heat protection formulas effectively help preserve your hair fiber. Be careful not to put on your scalp.


Bring a flat brush to untangle them. You can separate your hair into several parts to facilitate this gesture. Make a tip movement towards the root to remove any knots without breaking the hair fiber.

A round brush and a hand dryer remain your best tools to stiffen your lengths. The hair dryer should be set to low temperature. The goal? Avoid damaging them with aggressive heat. This technique is sometimes neglected in favor of ceramic plates or iron straighteners. However, keep in mind that the heat is always stronger than a hairdryer (356 to 446 ° F on average). This device is therefore not recommended if your hair is already weakened.

The right gesture: on dry hair, slide your hair in the plates, wick by wick, without ever leaving them "posed" inside. Untangle each wick with a wide-toothed comb. Then you can take a fine comb. Slip it from the roots to the tips. Block it at the bottom and then put on your straightener (between your roots and the comb that holds the wick). The tension makes it possible to make a single passage. 

The "vapor straighteners" are very efficient and preserve the hair fiber better, but they are a little more expensive compared to the traditional versions.Increase an average of 200 dollars.It is a good investment if you perform a smoothing at least once. In any case, note that a smoothing once every 15 days is the maximum recommended for afro hair by professional hairdressers.

Your hairstyle is over. You are "metamorphosed"! Enjoy this new look longer by following our latest recommendations.

For the night, wrap your hair in "wrap". Position your lengths around your head. Plate them and fix them with flat pliers all around the skull. Then cover with a satin or silk scarf to prevent chafing.

In the morning when you wake up, apply a dab of vegetable oil (jojoba, avocado, coconut ...) to nourish your hair and bring shine.

Are you delighted with the result? Do you also make smoothings at home? Feel free to give us your Oyas secrets to enrich this article and share your tips in comment. Curly or frizzy hair

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