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5 tips for successful makeup on black skin

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How to choose the right makeup products for black and mixed skin, and find the right gestures? You often entrust it to us, it's not easy. By following our 5-point tips, you will know everything for a successful beauty treatment. Adapted hydration, luminous complexion, radiant blush, colorful eyes and ideal mouth: here is the program to make no mistakes!


1. Moisturize : The base of perfect make-up !

The base of beautiful makeup is well-hydrated skin. You get a better result, good hold and a smoother complexion. Black or mixed skin tends to shine. Using overly astringent products to treat the "oily skin" effect over-activates sebum secretion and accentuates dehydration.

You must therefore proceed gently and prepare your skin before makeup to:

  • Soothe this inflammation,
  • Mattify oily areas,
  • Maintain an optimum level of hydration.

Carry out a suitable cleaning with a lotion or a gentle purifying solution. Apply a moisturizing and matifying treatment for an ideal make-up base. Avoid too thick textures: they clog pores. Wait a few minutes before applying makeup.


2. Bet on a luminous complexion

Choose a foundation color in harmony with your skin tone. Today, the palette of colors offered by make-up brands is finally varied for black and mixed skin. But it’s not always easy to find your way around this wide choice of colors. If you missed it, find our tips for a successful selection in our article on skin undertones.

Apply your foundation preferably with a brush. Then add a touch of sparkle to illuminate the shadow areas and create relief with the strobing technique. Apply a highlighter to the bridge of the nose, the cheekbone, chin, below and above the eyebrow.

A concealer or foundation with 2 shades lighter than the first can play this role of illuminator. Very dark skins should bet on golden hues, while mixed skins will be sublimated by a copperier shade. Finally, if you tend to shine, you can mattify the T-zone by powdering lightly.


3. Choose a vibrant blush for a healthy glow

Blush is the secret. Depending on the gesture, it even has the power to "restructure" your face. You still must have the right product, the right color and a controlled application, if you don't want to look like a clown!

The blush comes in powder, liquid or cream texture. Bet on these last two, because the development of black and mixed skin is easier with fluid textures. They are applied with the finger or with a makeup sponge.

For a "shine" effect, apply the blush on your cheekbones: smile and make up the curved part of the cheek. If you want to refine your round face instead, put your blush in the crook of the cheeks. Keep your hand light and stretch the color with your finger for a natural result.

Black skin absorbs color, so dare a very bright or even “flashy” blush. For dark skin, choose pink, fuchsia or plum. The terracotta, apricot or bronze colors embellish dark skin.


4. Dare a colorful look !

The cream texture or the pencils rich in colored pigments are more suitable for black skin than powder eyeshadows. Match the color to that of your eyes. Blue eyes will be sublimated by grays and pink nuances. Green eyes will go towards coppery hues. Brown eyes can do anything!

Here are variations depending on the dominant of your complexion:

  • Ebony black skin: iridescent, golden, bronze tones will warm up your complexion. No brown but black is highly recommended! All cold colors: candy pink, fuchsia, blue, purple…
  • Your tone draws on the orange: prefer brown, yellow and coppery eyeshadows.
  • Rather "caramel" complexion: bet on gold, ocher or persimmon.

Highlight your eyes with a line of eyeliner or black kohl pencil close to the lashes. Apply your black mascara, length or volume, as needed. Structure your eyes by brushing your eyebrows. Fill in the spaces with a specific brown pencil for a natural result.


5. Design your ideal mouth

Maquillage sur une peau noireFor dark skin, the upper lip is naturally darker. So before putting on the lipstick, draw the outline with a semi-matte dark pencil, ideally enriched with jojoba oil. Never black: the goal is not to define the outline of the mouth, but to balance the complexion of the lips. The plum will be perfect for a natural result.

If you find your mouth too fleshy, you can refine it by using the contour pencil on the inside of the lip. If your lips are too thin, draw the outline on the outside. The gloss can bring a touch of volume and make your mouth fuller.

Use moisturizing textures for a make-up mouth all day. On the color side, treat yourself: red, orange, pink, plum or fuchsia, from nude to flashy, everything goes for black and mixed skin. But beware, always harmonize your lipstick with your blush.

Successful makeup enhances your natural beauty. You can, of course, focus only on the eyes, or the mouth, or just work on your complexion. But above all, optimal beauty results from a regular skincare routine. Keep your skin glowing with health by never forgetting the essential gesture of makeup removal every night.

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