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How to remove spots on skin without danger

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How to fade, mitigate, or even erase these brown or black spots without risk: it is a regular request during our personalized diagnoses.

Want to know the reasons for the appearance of black spots on the skin? Is it possible to avoid them and remove them on the face or body? We will answer you point by point and offer you an effective and approved treatment routine!



With a high concentration of melanin, black, matte or mixed skin are particularly sensitive to external aggressions.

Overproduction of melanin is a process of defense of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation spots are the result of a physiological mechanism more accentuated for the black skins, matt or mixed than for the white skin. It will develop during different factors:

  • Acne: If the skin is pressed, triturated, or scraped, it may create darker scars or spots later.
  • Exposure to the sun without sunscreen adapted especially during pregnancy (mask pregnancy or melasma) or taking certain drugs (photosensitization).
  • For the black man, the difficulties associated with shaving sometimes lead to folliculitis of the beard (ingrown pimples and hair). The lower part of the face becomes darker.
  • An injury, a wound or a burn: if it is badly treated or exposed too early to the sun.
  • Skin diseases such as eczema (and other irritative dermatitis): the appearance of itchy patches will create stains at the end of the cycle.
  • Ochronosis: this condition affects people who use powerful depigmentants containing hydroquinone for the purpose of bleaching. Slate-blue pigmented macules are found on the cheeks, temples, the contour of the mouth and the neck.



If you are prone to pigmented acne problems, avoid touching your pimples and other blackheads. Use suitable products that are not aggressive so as not to irritate your skin and dry it up. Be patient. It is possible that a spot leaves room for the button, but if you have not manipulated it will disappear naturally.

In case of sun exposure, black or mixed skin has a need for protection, different from Caucasian skin. But its sensitivity requires a filtering barrier, especially to prevent the appearance of spots, especially on the face.

You are a man, and the care of your beard is a daily puzzle? Make a gentle exfoliation, space your shaves (every 2 to 3 days) and moisturize your skin every day with appropriate care. Follow our step by step !



Some talk about "miracle" creams promising you to permanently erase your spots quickly and without side effects? But their potentially dangerous use - associated with their dubious origin - is strongly discouraged by black skin specialists. These products often contain hydroquinone or cortisone (or corticosteroids). These compositions have been banned over-the-counter since 2001. Only a doctor can prescribe them on prescription and under supervision. So be very careful when shopping for cosmetics and look carefully at the composition.

Methods of aesthetic or dermatological medicine are also praised to remove dark spots on the skin: peeling (glycolic acid, kojic and / or trichloroacetic), laser (pigmentary, ablative), flash lamp, cryotherapy. Unfortunately these techniques are not really suited to black skin. The results are inconclusive, but especially these methods cause adverse effects such as white spots! Always ask a doctor for advice before you start! Consult a dermatologist who specializes in black skin . He will understand your specific problem.

The recipes of "grandmother" to eliminate stains naturally exist: mask with lemon, honey and vinegar for example. A mixture of vegetable oil and essential oil of lemon, or carrot seed, or lovage is likely to mitigate. But beware, this does not suit everyone (risk of irritation) and the results from one individual to another are unequal. Note: the essential oil can not be used during the day because of the risk of photosensibilisation. In addition, be vigilant in the case of a possible allergic reaction!

At IN'OYA, we offer a patented routine, tested dermatologically and by our OYAS for several years. Check out testimonials & feedback from users, encouraging and reassuring. Sweetness, regularity and patience: the results will be there!



Struggle against hyperpigmentary spots by following this guide: 

  1. A gentle cleaning morning and evening, with My Cleansing micellar water sensitive skin if your skin is sensitive and / or dry or with My Foam Purifying Cleansing if it is rather mixed to oily. This step is very important to rid your skin of impurities such as pollution, sebum, dead skin. It will also promote the renewal of the skin and limit the appearance of new imperfections.
  2. Every morning, after cleansing your skin, you will use My Corrector Unifying Matifying or My Corrector Unifying Moisturizing (depending on your skin type) to provide the necessary elements for the beauty and radiance of your skin (regulation of sebum, hydration, soothing) . In addition, this treatment will help smooth the skin texture in the first weeks. Finally, thanks to our anti-stain technology, it will also illuminate and unify the color of your complexion in an entirely natural way. 
  3. Every night, after cleansing your skin, you will use My Correcting Serum. Treat your spots permanently while taking care of your skin. Inoffensive composition guaranteed! The effectiveness of Serum is proven from 28 days for spots less than 3 years old. In the case of older stains, we advise you to carry out the treatment for 2 to 3 months for an optimal result.
  4. If your skin is prone to acne, bet on the ACN'OYA range to act preventively on residual marks due to pimples. Every evening, after having waited a few minutes for the Serum to penetrate into the skin, you will then be able to apply my skin care anti-imperfections Treatment on the entire face. This treatment will come to dry the pimples, neutralize inflammation and smooth your skin from 28 days. If desired, it can also be used in the morning, after cleansing the skin and before using the Corrector Unifying Matifying Care.
  5. Once or twice a week, make a scrub with My Gel Cleanser Exfoliating Scrubbing to deeply exfoliate your skin. This action accelerates cell renewal, eliminates dead cells and thus helps to clear spots.


Note: If your spots are on the body, you can apply Moisturizing Body Lotion after My Anti-Stain Serum! And of course in case of exposure to the sun, do not forget My Sun Fluid SPF50 in addition!

At IN'OYA, we want to take care of your skin gently, we also want to alert you to the dangers of lightening creams sometimes relayed as "magic solutions" on social networks. Do you have a doubt? See our article on the dangers of these compositions.

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