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OYA SUMMER Box - Limited Edition

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For all skin types: dry, combination and oily skin. You find inside:  My Correcting Serum MEL'OYA®, My Purifying Mask « Softness & Radiance » CLEAN'OYA® Lite and My Sun Fluid SPF 50 SUN’OYA® OFFERED

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For a complete beauty routine, adopt My OYA SUMMER Box!

Treat your hyperpigmentation spots, keep an uniform complexion and protect your skin from the sun.

With our experts in dark and brown skins, use the best for your skin and keep a uniform complexion and glowing skin! 

You find inside :

  • My Correcting Serum MEL’OYA® - 1 fl.oz : The first patented dark spot corrector technological innovation specifically formulated for dark and olive skin tones. Designed as a curative treatment, this serum is effective on all types of spots due to hyperpigmentation (inflammatory, sun, hormonal). It eliminates existing spots and preventing new ones without any side effects.
  • My Purifying Mask « Softness & Radiance » CLEAN'OYA® Lite - 2.5 fl.oz : Resulting from a unique synergy between the innovative CLEAN'OYA® Lite technology, mineral clay and aloe vera, My Purifying Mask « Sweetness & Radiance » reveals the glow of the dullest complexions and offers the skin freshness and vitality.
  • Ms Fluid Sun SPF 50 SUN’OYA® - 1.7 fl.oz : My Sun Fluid is a synergy of powerful active ingredients that ensures high protection against UVA and UVB.Perfectly suited to pigmented skin vulnerable to sun exposure and/or on correcting or acne treatment, this solar fluid combines vitamine D-like and vitamin E (to fight vitamin D deficiency and skin aging). 

A synergy of patented actives for pigmented skins to treat your hyperpigmentation spots and protect your skin from the sun.

"Unifying" Action MEL’OYA® :

Developed from a patented technology (European Patent: (EP 12006270.8& International Patent: WO2014/037111/A2) and conceived in the largest French scientific laboratories (CNRS, INSERM), this complex care provides an unparalleled and long-term dark spot treatment. 

"Cleansing & Purifying" Action CLEAN’OYA® Lite:

A synergy of powerful and innovative actives to cleanse the skin in depth and eliminate the imperfections for a purified, soft and matified skin from the fisrt uses.

 "Anti-UV" Action SUN'OYA® :

Filters UVA/UVB to offer a high protection, no white marks. A vitamin D-Like intake to stimulate vitamin D receptors and fight vitamin D deficiencies.

  • My Correcting Serum MEL’OYA® apply locally to the areas of spots to be treated (face or body) only in the evening. For daytime use, apply My SPF 50 SUN'OYA® Solar Fluid
  • My Sun Fluid SUN'OYA® apply every morning after day care and before makeup. In case of exposure to the sun, repeat the application frequently. It can also be used on the areas of body spots to treat.

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