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BOX OYA WINTER 2018 - Normal to Dry skin - Limited edition

Box OYA Winter - Dry to very dry skin

Let yourself be tempted by this OYA Winter Box and its 3 essential products for a complete skincare routine and a perfectly moisturized, unified and radiant skin!

Dedicated to dry to very dry skin, it contains: MEL'OYA® My Correcting Serum, MEL’OYA® & MAT’OYA® My Corrector « Unifying Moisturizing » and CLEAN’OYA® EXTRA My Gel « Cleansing Exfoliating »

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For a complete anti-spots routine, adopt My OYA Winter Box!

Clean and gently exfoliate your face, Treat your spots and Keep a uniform complexion all winter!

Thanks to a selection of our experts in black, matte and mixed skin, use the best for your skin and keep a uniform complexion and glowing skin!

This OYA Winter Gift Set - Combination Oily Skin contains:

  • MEL'OYA® My Correcting Serum - 30mL : The first patented dark spot corrector technological innovation specifically formulated for dark and olive skin tones. Designed as a curative treatment, this serum is effective on all types of spots due to hyperpigmentation (inflammatory, sun, hormonal). It eliminates existing spots and preventing new ones without any side effects

  • MEL’OYA® & MAT’OYA® My Corrector « Unifying Moisturising » - 50mL : Developed with patented dual technology and perfect for dark normal to dry skin, this Unifying Moisturising Lotion offers dual unifying and hydrating action. Designed as a preventive treatment, this lotion reconstructs the skin's hydrolipidic film, evens the complexion and hydrates dark and olive skin.
  • CLEAN’OYA® EXTRA My Gel « Cleansing Exfoliating » - 150 mL : Developing from the patented dual « CLEAN’OYA® EXTRA and MAT’OYA® » technology and ideal for all skin types, My Gel « Cleanser Exfoliating » deeply exfoliates skin to accelerate cell renewal and eliminate dead skin cells. 

A patented asset composition for pigmented skin to treat your spots and even out your complexion.

"Unifying" Action MEL'OYA®:

A synergy of 3 active ingredients "Oligopetide-68® + L-Arginine® + Triticum aestivumextract®" referring to the MEL'OYA® technology, the first patented "anti-spots" patented innovation for black & matte skin, European patent: EP2705830 / A1 & International Patent: WO2014 / 037111 / A2.

"Moisturizing" action MEL'OYA®:

A complex of moisturizing active ingredients (Moringa Oil, Desert Datetier, Shea Butter ...) and soothing active ingredients (Bisabolol, balanite oil ...) combined with a ceramide supply.

"Cleansing" action CLEAN'OYA®:

A synergy of powerful and innovative active ingredients to deeply clean the skin and promote the disappearance of imperfections for purified, soft and mattified skin from the first use.

For any personalized advice, you can contact your pharmacist or write to us by mail on contact [at], we promise to answer you within 48 hours.

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