Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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The IN’OYA Complexion Correcting Serum, a solution for spots and blemishes


SAIDA, 22 years old:  “I was searching for a product which could remove the   blemishes   on my skin. Blemishes which were essentially caused by   acne spots , especially...

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IN’OYA products, a guarantee of a natural and biological product for my skin


TANIA, 37 years old: “I have searched for a long time for BIO cosmetic products, adapted to the specific needs of my mixed-race skin. Through testing samples of the IN’OYA products and...

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My skin has become more and more radiant


ROSE, 40 years old: “Having been treated by the IN’OYA Lab within the recruitment process of a panel of testers in 2013, the results I have experienced surpass all of my hopes. I had...

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My IN’OYA products cared for my skin, my health and my planet


AISSATOU, 24 years old:  “Touched by their inclusive and ecological placement through the   Great Green Wall of Africa , IN’OYA products for black and dark skin take care of my skin,...

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Linda, 40 years old : Dark spot and pimples on her face


Linda : In February 2015 my ordeal began with pimples as a result of using a range of products containing fruit acid and the stress didn't help the problem. The dermatologist's treatment...

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