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Search for black and brown skin

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The changes I’ve seen each month have assured me of how good the IN’OYA products really are

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Wendie – Great results with IN’OYA
Wendie, 26 years old: “ I contacted IN’OYA Laboratoire in October 2014 because I had been suffering from very oily skin, spots, as well as numerous dark spots on my face for over 10 years, caused by acne and the use of skin lightening products. 

I couldn’t continue to cope with my spots, which I had got into a habit of covering up every day with make-up. 

After having contacted IN’OYA, they proposed a 2 stage treatment plan, with both stages being 3 months each: A first treatment to effectively treat my spots, and a second to make my dark spots disappear using the 
Correcting Serum, the Corrector Unifying Matifying and the Gel Cleanser Exfoliating. 

I was able to see results quickly on my 
spots, and the changes I saw each month on my dark spots reassured me about how good these products really are. I was advised, listened to and supported by the IN’OYA team right up until the end of my treatment.           

The changes in my skin are now clearly visible, and I am truly happy to see my dark spots finally disappearing. 

A huge thank you to all of the IN’OYA team!”

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gommage - 09/25/15 à 18:00

Bonjour Wendy!

Le gommage à base d'acide salicylique est de où? (Quelle marque?).



Equipe IN'OYA - 10/01/15 à 10:17

Bonjour Anne, l'équipe IN'OYA est à votre disposition pour vous conseiller un gommage adapté selon votre problématique et votre type de peau. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter par mail à ou par téléphone au +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28 ;-)


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