Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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Thanks to the whole IN’OYA team for all that you have done for black and dark skinet mate

OYA.B (n'a pas souhaité montrer sa photo) 0 comment(s)

OYA.B, 51 Years old:

“I discovered the existence of the IN’OYA Lab through a television report. I requested to join their panel of testers in 2013 to try their products before launch. My objective was to achieve a regular and uniform complexion.

I have oily skin around my nose and normally on the rest of my face, with areas that are more or less dark across my face. These irregularities in texture are particularly obvious in the Summer.

After a month of using the products from the MEL’OYA® range, I noticed a change. My complexion became progressively smoother, and the shine around my nose diminished. After the second month of treatment, I was even more delighted with the results. I found the IN’OYA products idea for my black skin. They are effective and non-agressive.

Thanks to the whole IN’OYA team for all that you have done for the skin of black women! ”

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