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Thank you to the IN’OYA team for the follow-up, advice and availability!

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MERYEM, 24 years old: 

“I’m from Morocco and I discovered the existence of the IN’OYA Lab in January via an article in “Young Africa” which mentioned the career of their founder, and I was fascinated by the determination of a young entrepreneur who wanted to be at the heart of research into black and dark skin.

I longed to test the IN’OYA products, which had proved their worth, in order to find a solution to my problematic skin. I have dark North African type skin, where I develop spots on my legs, which causes blemishes. The origin of these spots and therefore the blemishes is a food allergy that I have had for several months. I have tested quite a few anti-blemish and anti-scar creams... but the blemishes persisted.

So I decided to solicit the help of IN’OYA and I had the opportunity to be on their panel of testers launched at the beginning of 2013. I therefore followed a two-month treatment, all the while being supported by IN’OYA. The treatment has significantly reduced my spots and smoothed out the colour of my skin on my legs.

I am continuing the IN’OYA treatment by following the care protocol that the team of researchers created for me, and I am delighted.

 Today, I know that there is an anti-blemish product adapted to my type of skin and which can respond correctly to my occasional skin issues. Thank you to the whole IN’OYA Lab team for the advice, follow-up and availability.”

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