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Over the past few weeks, I have felt a real change in my skin

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Before after using in'oya products

Mariyah, 17 years old: “I first got in contact with IN’OYA in January 2015 because of my scars from spots which I had scratched. With times these scars really became a problem, so I began to wear make-up, but when I wore make-up I I felt more like myself, so I decided to search for solutions to get rid of these  spots.

I did a lot of research, the only treatment which seemed like it might be effective for getting rid of my sports was IN’OYA. After many months of discussion, hesitation, and after analysing my case and providing me with a care plan, IN'OYA made the decision to help me by offering me their products, the Correcting Serum and the Corrector Unifying Matifying.

Across the first few weeks, I felt a real change in my skin, the products were really effective. Today my spots have been significantly reduced.

I fully recommend their products. They will have a real impact on your skin. I’d like to thank IN’OYA for their help and for their kindness. Thank you for supporting me across those months. I was very touched by your gesture, which really helped me.”

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