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Take care of the facial skin: the 3 essential steps

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Taking care of your face taking into account the general characteristics of black skin is sometimes complex. Black skin is often defined as thicker than white skin, resistant to signs of aging, very sensitive to cuts, with a high risk of age spots. Yet this global definition does not fit all skin types of women and men who dream of beautiful black skin!

It is therefore essential to take into account the different factors responsible for the appearance of your skin. Once your skin type is identified and its needs defined, specific care can be provided. Their effectiveness on black skin depends on 3 essential steps:

  1. Get a good diagnosis for your skin

  2. Ensure your internal and external hydration

  3. Regenerate your skin deeply

 Follow step by step this comprehensive guide for beautiful black skin!


Your diet, your habits, but obviously your place of life affect the ability of your skin to protect itself from external aggressions. She will react and adapt. Knowing your skin type is essential: dry skin, combination or oily skin, normal skin. Then once it is defined, take into account its specificities: spots, wrinkles, imperfections, dull complexion.

It is difficult to answer questions without the advice of a specialist. The diagnosis of the skin is an essential step to provide treatment and care adapted to its problematic, sometimes delicate. Once this assessment is established, you can set up a personalized care protocol: advice and specific products for the daily needs of your skin.

To take care of your skin all year round, benefit from a follow-up from a professional to keep it in perfect health and radiance. If you have a particular problem, such as eczema, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. Otherwise, we invite you to test our online diagnosis for free!

The second step concerns all types of skin. It may seem simple to achieve. Yet many people find it difficult to simply hydrate themselves! Here are some techniques to achieve this.



If you want to have beautiful skin in any season, you must first moisturize it from the inside. To avoid dehydration, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters a day. This basic need can be met by regular intake of water-based drinks such as herbal teas, green tea, lemon or herbal-flavored water. A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables also contributes to this internal hydration mechanism.

Hydrate the skin

In addition, the need for specific dermocosmetic treatments for black skin is greater in the temperate climate. Indeed, by adapting the black skin has a stronger tendency to dehydration with excessive secretion of sebum. Composed of lipids, sebum contributes, at the base, to the good maintenance of hydration of the skin, and protects it from the external aggressions. In overproduction, the epidermis has a shiny appearance associated with an irregular skin texture, dilated pores, blackheads and microcysts due to an accumulation of sebum in the pores.

Take care of the external moisture of your skin daily. Apply a moisturizer rich in active elements, non-comedogenic. The choice of a skincare adapted to your skin type will provide, in addition to moisturizing active ingredients, specific elements to your problem. Depending on your purpose, you want:

  •          Eliminate excess sebum and associated discomfort for combination or oily skin
  •          Soothe your skin by restoring its hydrolipidic film if your skin is dry.
  •          Regain firmness, suppleness, and radiance in the case of marked, tired, or dull skin.

For long-term effectiveness, apply your moisturizer in the morning and / or evening on the entire face, neck and décolleté perfectly cleaned. Integrate the use of your facial before applying makeup.

Some specific needs, such as hyperpigmentation spots for example, can be treated with a stain-resistant serum to apply before moisturizing. Remember also to complete this routine with a sunscreen to prevent the appearance of additional spots, and ensure uniformity of your complexion.

Day after day, you thus preserve the cellular renewal of your epidermis. Indeed, hydration naturally activates the removal of dead cells. To ensure the effectiveness of this natural mechanism and ensure a refined skin texture, we deliver the secrets of a beautiful black skin in this last step.


The natural reconstitution of the epidermis is sometimes slowed by the natural aging of the skin and external factors. In lack of water, trace elements, fat, the skin is duller, marked, loses its firmness and elasticity, wrinkles are more visible. Sometimes spots appear. Despite conventional wisdom, black skin, more sensitive than white skin, can benefit from a regular exfoliation to accelerate the process of repair of the epidermis.

Men skin care dark skin tone

In order to enjoy its benefits, it must be performed with a non-abrasive soft scrub. Its action will be more effective in removing dead cells than a mechanical scrub - horsehair glove type - and less abrasive. Even if their density and the difficulty of eliminating them is proven for the black skins, one to two soft scrubs per week are however enough to revive the regeneration of the cells of the skin.

If hydration and exfoliation are the basis of an efficient cellular renewal, the use of a specific repair and regeneration treatment can boost the regeneration of skin cells. 

This type of treatment can give tremendous results in that it addresses many issues related to the slowdown of cell renewal. Since this one does not necessarily have for only cause the aging, but also the external factors. Thus, it will be suitable for both young skin and mature skin. It can therefore be integrated into an anti-aging care routine such as the special dry skin program for example.

Caring for your skin all year round requires regular attention. But with a little organization, dermocosmetics tested and approved, wise advice, it becomes a real pleasure. The change of season is sometimes at the origin of inconveniences for the skin, it is often beneficial at this period to offer a deeper care in institute. Discover our tips for choosing a specialist black skin institute.

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