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Hair straightening and colouring

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Should you choose between hair straigntening and colouring? Women with dark and olive skin dream of having straight hair and can use a variety of straightening methods such as relaxing, Brazilian straightening or Japanese (or Korean) straightening processes. But can you also colour your hair if you've straightened it, or must you choose one or the other?

Relaxing is a hair treatment that permanently straightens curly, kinky or coarse hair. Relaxers break down the keratin that make up hair fibres, leaving hair fragile. Colour your hair after relaxing it to let your hair rest and allow about two weeks between any major styling changes – but no longer as your regrowth will begin to be obvious.

Brazilian straightening is less aggressive than relaxing. It adds keratin back to hair. Because keratin makes hair shiny, strong and supple, hair is repaired after a Brazilian treatment. It's best to colour your hair a week after a Brazilian treatment.

Japanese (or Korean) straightening is a very aggressive straightening method because it alters the hair structure.  This technique weakens hair, causing it to break off and be vulnerable. Colouring your hair is not recommended because it can lead hair to break and fall out.


1. Before colouring your hair, be sure to treat your hair with a conditioning treatment such as a mask or oil to properly prepare it.
2. After colouring, use a daily shampoo and repigmenting mask with a conditioning treatment after every wash.


Opt for a plant-based or an ammonia-free semi-permanent formula that is less harsh on hair. Do not saturate your hair in chemical products.
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