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Sonia, 39 years old : Dark spot on her face

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before and after inoya

Sonia :

"I knew IN'OYA by searching the net for a way to fight against my hyperpigmentation spots. Indeed, 4 years ago I was put a contraceptive implant, which caused me strong outbreaks of acne especially on the cheeks. In addition, big buttons I also accumulated many visible spots even makeup.

I tried several creams that soothed pimples but did not solve my task problems.

After various research, I discovered IN'OYA. Despite the many testimonies, I was not convinced, it seemed a little "miraculous". I finally swore that if it works, I will bring my testimony. It worked and I'm happy!

I started my program with the Correcting Serum + Exfoliating Gel in February. When I finished the bottle of serum in August, the results were there. Today, I can even hope one day to have skin without imperfections, there is still work but I intend to continue with IN'OYA. Thank you "

Sonia used :

My Correcting Serum : Every night on spots of hyperpigmentation, on clean and dry skin.

My Gel "Cleanser Exfoliating Scrubbing" : Every evening for 15 days then 2 to 3 times a week with emphasis on the areas to be treated.

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