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Sandra, 31 years old : Dark spot and pimples on her face

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Sandra :

" If I were to give a title to my testimony I would say "patience pays, everything depends on you"

Long story short, until I was 28, I didn’t need a foundation. I had never had acne before that age. Everything changed a year after my first pregnancy. From the first buttons, I bought a general brand in pharmacy but I didn’t get the results I wanted, at least, it was too slow. Then, I turned to a dermatologist, who immediately prescribed a background treatment (products for the routine, medicines: antibio etc...) given the condition of my face at that time. It worked during the treatment. The day I stopped, it was just worse than before. I tried homemade recipes etc... I was discouraged because I didn’t get the results I hoped for.

Then, in my despair, I did more research on the net and I came across the site of IN'OYA.

What got me more on the site is that we could make a small skin diagnosis online very fast in 10 questions with a small checkup at the end then the program that might suit without forgetting the before/after photos and testimonials that have more or less convinced me.

So I didn’t hesitate to order to test (I’m rather curious and I like the concrete) and the result is the one you have in image. I haven’t been without the brand since June 2016.

The advice I can give is regularity and patience.

For those who start or are in the process of using the products, do not give up, the products work.

There is no fatality, you just have to be able to make time for your well-being.

For all those who want to chat with me, you can subscribe to my Instagram account: @graine2beaute »


Sandra used :

- My Foam Purifying Cleansing : Morning and evening to cleanse and matify the skin by regulating excess sebum.

My Correcting Serum : Every night on spots of hyperpigmentation, on clean and dry skin.

My Skin Care « Anti-imperfections » : Every night on the entire face to quickly dry the pimples and avoid residual stains.

My Gel "Cleanser Exfoliating Scrubbing" : Every evening for 15 days then 2 to 3 times a week with emphasis on the areas to be treated.

- My Sun Fluid SPF 50 : Every morning to protect your skin from UV A and UV B rays from the sun.

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