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Our tips for perfect hair removal

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Tips for the Perfect Hair Removal on Black Skin Hair removal is something our OYAs are quite familiar with. Unfortunately, they are also no strangers to the problems it can cause: ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation… What can you do to make the process problem-free ?

All women are looking for perfect hair removal. But the process of getting rid of unwanted hair can have disastrous results! For women with dark and olive skin, it can be a very tricky undertaking. With more thicker hairs and dark melanin making the task more complicated.

When plucking hairs with tweezers or an electric epilator, they can sometimes break. When they grow back, they can curl and grow back under the skin, causing ingrown hairs. The hair will get infected, develop a spot and can even cause dark spots due to hyperpigmentation. But rest assured that our team has a few tips to help you avoid these bothersome problems !


1. Step 1: Exfoliate. Use a gentle exfoliating product regularly (i.e., once a week) with soft textures or non-irritating biological enzymes such as CLEAN'OYA®  EXTRA My Gel Cleanser Exfoliating. This will help open your pores and help hair grow in the right direction instead of growing back into the skin.

2. Step 2: Moisturise. We can't say it enough: for soft and clear skin, you must moisturise!  Don't forget to use a moisturising product after shaving to soothe skin and prevent bacteria that can cause blemishes.


Be gentle: make sure to remove hairs completely. And most importantly, prepare your skin before and take care of it after any hair removal procedure. You'll have much better results!

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