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Le phare


Organized by ACCEDE Provence Entrepreneurs since 1997, the Le Phare competition is open to business creators and aims to drive employment by creating companies in the Euro-Mediterranean basin area.

During its 13th competition in March 2011, IN'OYA Laboratoire was one of the initiative's winning projects and received the award for "Best Project of the Year". This award recognizes the originality of the project and its strong potential, and was one of the first awards won by IN'OYA Laboratoire during its creation.

For the 15th competition in March 2013, IN'OYA lent its support by providing funding and handing out awards to winning projects.

By giving IN'OYA the "Best Project of the Year" award in 2011, ACCEDE Provence showcased the genuine potential of the project. By providing funding for the 2013 competition, IN'OYA showed recognition for the important role ACCEDE Provence plays in supporting start-up companies.

African Angels


AFRICANGELS is a support platform for African entrepreneurs and project leaders whose activity is directed towards the African continent. AFRICANGELS organizes the African Entrepreneur Awards every year to recognize the best African talent and open new paths to diversity within companies.

During its first year in November 2011, IN'OYA won the award for « Best African Entrepreneur in France » in the Emerging category. This award recognizes IN'OYA's role in sustainable development in Africa and the consideration of women of colour in both Europe and Africa.

Lors de sa 2nde édition en novembre 2014, IN’OYA porté par son Fondateur During its second year in November 2014, IN'OYA, led by founder Abd Haq Bengeloune, supported the initiative by participating in the jury to award and showcase talented young Africans.

The African Entrepreneur Awards are a very specific recognition for IN'OYA, which holds expansion in Africa as a key ambition.

La Provence

La Provence : « Prix des Trophées de l’Economie »

La Provence is a French regional daily newspaper that holds the Trophées de l'Économie awards every year to increase its involvement in the local business landscape.

In November 2012, La Provence held its 17th competition for new businesses (Tremplins de l'économie) to reward promising young entrepreneurs. Among them, IN'OYA Laboratoire received third place during a prize giving ceremony held at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille.

Following this competition, IN'OYA Laboratoire received a full year of « written and television press » coverage. This prize led to press mentions for the Laboratory that help spread the news about its technology and innovation.

La Provence is a media partner which works with IN'OYA on its communication, especially at a regional level.

Initiative France


Every year, the Initiative France fund recognizes innovative and responsible companies in France.

In 2014, IN'OYA Laboratoire received the "Remarkable Initiative Award", which honours the development of its innovation in France and abroad as well as job creation and its responsible business practices.

This award showcases the efforts of our entire team to create innovative products that meet the specific needs of women with dark and olive skin.

Planète PME 2015


The Planète PME trade fair recognizes entrepreneurs and SMEs that innovate and contribute to economic growth in France and abroad.

For its 13th year, the trade fair welcomed seven members of the French government as well as French President François Hollande.

On 18 June 2015, the "PME Réussite" certification was awarded to Abd Haq Bengeloune, founder of IN'OYA Laboratoire. This award symbolizes and showcases IN'OYA's investment in Europe and Africa to meet the needs of women with dark and olive skin through scientific research.

IN'OYA Laboratoire depends on this award to continue to develop dermocosmetic innovations for dark and olive skin tones.


Aix Marseille Université


Aix-Marseille Université

Since it was founded in 2011, IN'OYA Laboratoire has worked with Aix-Marseille Université, which hosts our R&D team in its facilities. As an innovative project, IN'OYA Laboratoire benefits from the research and development platforms of the Faculty of Science as well as those of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Marseille, both of which are part of Aix-Marseille University.

This partnership led to a European patent application in 2012 (EP2705830/A1) and an international patent application in 2013 (WO2014/037111/A2). This patented technology enables IN'OYA Laboratoire to offer innovative, effective products without side effects. The two patents pertain to the MEL’OYA®skin tone corrector technology specifically developed for dark and olive skin that is part of the skin tone corrector range.

Laboratoire Chimie Provence


As part of its partnership with Aix-Marseille Université, IN'OYA Laboratoire works with the Laboratory of Chemistry in Provence and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), which supports innovative scientific research projects.

This partnership and scientific expertise enables IN'OYA Laboratoire to synthesize exciting and innovative peptides and natural compounds that can effectively block the melanogenesis mechanisms in dark and olive skin. This contract makes it possible to conduct the necessary preliminary trials to integrate these notable actives into natural cosmetic formulas.  -



The CRO2 team is a joint research unit associated with INSERM and the Faculty of Pharmacy in Marseille. This team is well-known in the PACA Cancéropôle cancer research centre and has considerable resources to use in the fight against cancer.

The IN'OYA Laboratoire R&D team cooperates with the UMR 911 CRO2 team to pool their scientific expertise and resources. The teams focus on actives first discovered by CNRS to conduct in « in-vivo » and « ex-vivo » tests on cell cultures with a view to evaluating the efficacy and absence of side effects of compounds used in our formulas.



BPI France « OSEO »

Bpifrance assists and supports innovative projects to strengthen their investment capacities throughout their lifecycle. As a research laboratory in the health field, IN'OYA is included in these projects and was able to benefit from the support of this organization since its inception.

Bpifrance reinvests at each of IN'OYA's lifecycle stages to finance a large portion of its research and development work, which ensures that IN'OYA can develop its business and continue to make scientific progress in dermatology for dark and olive skin.

Dispositif d'amorçage provence


The Provence DAP seed money fund is a technical and financial instrument that promotes the creation of innovative companies and supports technological project leaders.

IN'OYA Laboratoire was one of the projects chosen by this fund to be supported and financed during the capital – or seed money – raising stage, which is a phase of R&D.

As a winner of this fund, IN'OYA also benefits from professional consulting services and visibility in the region of Provence. Press articles, interviews and videos showcase the technology developed by IN'OYA Laboratoire through regional media such as France Bleu, LCM and others.

Incubateur impulse

Incubateur Impulse

From idea to project, from project to company: this is the signature of the business incubator Impulse, a structure that welcomes and assists the creation of innovative projects in association with research laboratories and led by young entrepreneurs or researchers.

From its creation in 2011, IN'OYA Laboratoire has benefited from scientific and technological resources, legal and financial consulting services and financial and managerial assistance from this structure.

Today, IN'OYA Laboratoire is one of Incubateur Impulse's scientific partners and provides assistance during events for science and research, such as : «Science Day » or « Open House: Science & Business Creation ». This partnership benefits the entire IN'OYA team and is an opportunity to meet experts from a range of scientific disciplines.


Pays d’Aubagne – La Ciotat « PACI »

The Pays d’Aubagne – La Ciotat Initiatives is an initiative platform that brings together local independent associations, supported by local authorities, banking networks and guarantee funds.

PACI assists IN'OYA Laboratoire by connecting it to professionals such as accountants, banking networks and chambers of industry as well as providing financial support through unsecured and interest-free (NACRE) loans, loans for development, regional loans for development (PRCE) and regional loans for taking over a company (PRTE).  

PACI is a true partner and continues to offer IN'OYA Laboratoire financial support in its development stages to ensure the success of all new products.

Réseau entreprendre PACA

Réseau Entreprendre PACA

Réseau Entreprendre is a network of entrepreneurs who assist business creators with strong potential for development.

Because IN'OYA Laboratoire met the selection criteria, it benefits from support and assistance from the network's entrepreneurs, financing via unsecured loans and other funding mechanisms.

In addition to this support, this network allows the IN'OYA team to be in contact with stakeholders in various fields, which provides new opportunities for scientific or commercial development.

logo région sud paca

Région Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur & PACA INVESTISSEMENT

The region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has created a number of programmes to help innovative start-ups to develop dynamic and innovative projects.

From the start, IN'OYA Laboratoire was one of the projects to benefit from a regional loan for new businesses, an instrument the region developed to drive banking support for new ventures.

Four years after its creation, IN'OYA Laboratoire continues to benefit from financial support from the PACA Region through funds raised in early 2015 with PACA INVESTISSEMENT. This support is proof of the trust in the innovative technology and major potential of IN'OYA Laboratoire as a dermatological brand, enabling IN'OYA to pursue its commercial development in France and Africa. -

L'Europe s'engage


The European Union's ERDF programme works in France to support and finance innovative, environmentally responsible projects that create jobs. In 2015, IN'OYA Laboratoire met all the necessary criteria to receive ERDF funding, which allows it to pursue its scientific and commercial development.

Total développement régional


As part of its support for SMEs, Total created its "Total Regional Development" rogramme to back and generate job creation by assisting innovative businesses over the long-term.

IN'OYA Laboratoire was chosen in 2014 as one of the companies to be supported by this financial instrument. IN'OYA has continued to benefit from assistance from this programme, which allows it to grow on a national and national level.


Crédit Agricole « CAAP CREATION »

Crédit Agricole's "CAAP Creation" subsidiary invests and funds innovative projects with strong growth potential. CAAP Creation has been one of the main shareholders and investors in IN'OYA since 2014. Its trust is reaffirmed in its new investment as part of the fund raising carried out in 2015.

CAAP Creation and Crédit Agricole provide major financial and banking support to IN'OYA that is key to its success.


Conseil Plus Gestion « CPG »

Conseil Plus Gestion is an entrepreneurial management company which supports, advises and finances companies with strong potential for development.  

In 2015, CPG was the third largest investor and financial backer of IN'OYA Laboratoire as part of the fund raising along with PACA Investissement and CAAP Creation. 

Thanks to its support, IN'OYA was able to benefit from solid financial support as well as consulting services in the areas of management, marketing, commercial strategy and more.

Banque Populaire

Banque Populaire Provençale et Corse « BP »

Banque Populaire Provençale et Corse offers a support mechanism for the creation and development of companies. 

IN'OYA Laboratoire has benefited from this support and assistance as part of the concluded fund raising in 2015 and counts Banque Populaire among its shareholders and financial backers. BP is a true business partner and provides IN'OYA with the financial means to drive its business and ensure a strong development strategy.

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