Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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Why and how I stopped lightening creams - Marie's testimony


After using skin lightening products for over 20 years, Marie is now proud of her natural black beauty. She has chosen to trust us to regain her original ebony complexion and to fight her blemishes...

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Discovering Oya Time Center & Anta, Store Manager


   Our first Oya Time Center has just opened in Africa, in the capital of Senegal in Dakar. A new challenge for one of the members of the In'Oya team, Anta, today Store Manager of this unique...

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Raki [@makeupbyraki], In'Oya Ambassador & Makeup Influencer


  This month we caught up with Raki, an influencer known as Makeupbyraki on Instagram and Raki on YouTube . Raki, what do you share on your social networks? As my @ Instagram indicates...

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Understanding dermocosmetic care with Chloé, IN'OYA Pharmacy Manager in Toulouse


       Discover Interview Chloé, IN'OYA pharmacy manager in the  Happy Pharmacie  in Toulouse.  Chloé, could you describe yourself in 4 points ? My name is Chloé and I am originally from...

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Dermatologist & Health Blogger - Dr Agathe Aoun in Martinique


Dr Agathe AOUN is known as @dragatheaoun on Instagram.  You describe many dermatitis and associated treatments, personal development messages, your daily life etc.   Where did this...

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