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This month's interviewee: Thierry Tchapnga, Pharmacist and Director of ParaEthnik

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Our guest in November 2015: Thierry Tchapnga, Pharmacist and Director of ParaEthnik

Our November guest is Thierry Tchapnga, pharmacist and director of the first online ethnic-oriented chemist: Today, he talks about his website and team who offer tailored advice to women with dark and olive skin, especially through products designed with their specific skincare needs in mind as well as through articles and advice on skincare, hair care and make-up.

Meet Thierry, who tells us all about his online chemist website.

Can you tell us more about the ParaEthnik concept ? is the first chemist dedicated to women with dark and olive skin and curly, coarse and kinky hair. The website offers a fairly wide range of products at great prices while giving online shoppers an innovative concept: Advice 2.0.

ParaEthnik has more than 100 partner laboratories and more than 1000 products designed for or used by our ethnic target market. Our offer is broad in terms of brand and product choice and is divided into three universes to cover all of our target market's needs.

Why did you decide to open as an online pharmacy ?

As a professional pharmacist and specialist in pharmaceutical distribution, I started my career in pharmaceutical sales on the generic market for a Parisian pharmaceutical distributor. I then joined a competitor in mass retail to open chemists in southwestern France before moving to one of the leading mass retailers in France and Europe to manage chemists in the Paris metropolitan area.

As someone who worked on the ground, I gave advice every day to women of Afro-Caribbean descent who had not just issues due to their hair or skin type but who were also very sensitive to product quality. There are solutions out there, but I didn't always have these products in my stock. This is where the idea to create an online platform for women of Afro-Caribbean descent came from.

What support do you offer ParaEthnik customers ?

As a pharmacist, advice is a key part of our job. We have developed an innovative service: Advice 2.0. This advisory service is online and offers instant assistance! A team of pharmacists and specialists are connected 24/7 to offer advice and respond via a live chat service to all problems.

When someone needs help with a more complicated issue, internet users can contact us directly by email at For example, for issues with dark spots or acne, internet users can send us photos with details about the problem and we promise to answer all emails with a beauty prescription within 24 hours.

In addition to providing advice, delivers worldwide and, of course, across all of Africa. We ship all orders within one business day and deliver in France in 48 hours, Europe in 72 hours, and Africa and America in seven days.

This month's interviewee: Thierry Tchapnga

What are the most frequent skin problems women ask you about and what solutions do you offer?

The most frequent problems and questions we see are usually about skin on the face and body or hair problems (hair falling out) because customers trust the expertise and caution shown by pharmacies.

Popular products are dark spot correctos, les mattyifying products, body moisturisers and more and more natural hair products.

We provide both advice as well as tailored solutions to customers' specific needs.

What beauty tip would you give to our OYAs ?

It's really important to keep your natural skin tone because at ParaEthnik, we believe that women of colour are the most beautiful.

Dark skin is sensitive, so you should turn to professionals (dermatologists, pharmacists, etc.) for trustworthy, objective and effective advice.

At ParaEthnik, we have one ambition: to enhance the beauty of women of colour.


Pharmacist and Director of ParaEthnik

All IN'OYA products can be found on and are delivered anywhere in the world !

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