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This month's interviewee: Aldjia Ait-Meddour, founder of the Mix Beauty boutiques.

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This month's interviewee: Aldjia Ait-Meddour, founder of the Mix Beauty boutiques.

Our guest for January is Aldjia Ait-Meddour, founder of the Mix Beauty boutiques in the Paris metropolitan area. Her concept has been a brilliant success. Her stores sell a range of complete cosmetic and care products for women with dark and olive skin: make-up, hair care, skincare and more. The Mix Beauty boutiques also offer make-up and hair services in a salon/store dedicated to beauty and well-being.

Meet Aldjia, who tells us more about the Mix Beauty boutiques.

When did you come up with the Mix Beauty concept, and why did you decide to create a venue just for women with dark and olive skin ?

The first Mix Beauty boutique opened in 2010 at the Les Arcades shopping centre in Noisy-le-Grand.  I'm passionate about cosmetics, and opening a full-service beauty concept store had always been a dream of mine. Bringing together in one place all things beauty related (boutique, hair and nails, aesthetic services, etc.) was obvious: it saves customers time but also gives them greater satisfaction as they can ask for advice about all personal care issues without having to go to several different places.

The idea to open this boutique to women with all skin tones came to me later, because I realized how few products and services were available in France to women of colour. The offer was quite scattered and services (especially hair care) were low quality. And yet demand is high and customer have ever-increasing purchasing power – it's a poorly covered market segment in which my concept had a real potential and future! So I wanted to offer solutions for this market segment.

What are the care products and services Mix Beauty customers can get ?

Our beauty salons offer an all-in-one service and unique expertise. Our expertise covers five beauty fields (hair, aesthetics, make-up, image consulting, well-being) to give every woman what she wants. We have a very complete offer that makes shopping easier and saves customers considerable time.

In our salons, we take a holistic approach to every customer and help them with every step of their beauty rituals. Women can try out a complete style change, shop and enjoy a relaxing break, all in less than a day and without going to multiple locations!

Do you have any other plans to expand in the Paris area or other regions in France ?

We currently have three locations. With every opening, we've tweaked and improved our concept, methods and expertise. Today we to continue expanding Mix Beauty in France and abroad, because it's still a unique concept that can be developed in all cosmopolitan cities, either with own stores or as a franchise.

Initially, we want to have a strong presence in Paris and the surrounding metropolitan area, then expand the development of our concept abroad through a franchise system with an approach that focuses first and foremost on quality.

Why did you choose to trust in IN'OYA products ?

IN'OYA has been able to give our customers with sensitive skin the ultra-safe products they're looking for. The brand has completely reinvented dermocosmetics for dark and olive skin. For us, it is a "new generation" of dermocosmetic products that combine a unique dermocosmetic process and a rigorous, limited selection of essential ingredients that allow us to offer our demanding customers safe and effective formulas.

What beauty tip would you give to our OYAs ?

« Having beautiful skin is most importantly about proper hydration and protection ! »

Find all the Mix Beauty locations online a

Interview of the founder of Mix Beauty for IN'OYA

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