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Beauty products: when should you get rid of them ?

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When should you throw expired cosmetic products ?
Women with black and brown skin are increasingly looking at ingredients and chemical additives (such as parabens) in their beauty products and are opting for organic products, without being aware of how long they can be used once opened.

Beauty products also have an expiration date, but often, women forget about the risks: allergies, spots, bacterial infections and more. Additionally, skincare products must be kept in a healthy environment. Leaving a lipstick or eye pencil open in your make-up case can allow bacteria to form on these products. Moreover, contact with light makes them less effective. Even if a product's cost may make you hesitate (if, for example, you've splurged on an expensive cream), you should always throw out any expired products.


1. Wash and dry your hands before using any product and avoid putting your fingers directly into it (e.g., a jar of cream) by using a clean brush or cotton swab. If you use a brush, remember to wash it regularly.
2. Close the container as soon as you are finished using it.
3. Store your products away from heat and light and never keep your make-up in the bathroom (bacteria grow more easily in damp environments).
4. After an eye infection or fever blister, throw away any products you've used.
5. Lastly, regularly sharpen your eye and lip pencils, after each use if possible.


Skincare products packaged in "airless" pump bottles are best: air and bacteria can't get into the product, which means there is no risk of contamination or oxidation. The  MEL'OYA® My Correcting Serum is packaged in a double-walled airless bottle to preserve the actives in the MEL'OYA® technologies while protecting them from the outside environment.
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