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Invité du mois : Dina Abdel Kader chef de produit du Laboratoire IN'OYA

product manager of the Laboratoire IN'OYA



Guest of the month of May 2018: Dina ABDEL KADER company product manager

This month we have decided to open the doors of the Laboratoire IN’OYA to present Dina ABDEL KADER, Junior Product Manager of the company.


Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Dina ABDEL KADER, I am of Egyptian and Algerian origin. I took a science degree to obtain a degree in Engineering Biology to acquire technical skills, then move towards a career more focused on marketing. I have always been passionate about skin care and I value self-esteem and well-being.

What is your role as Junior Product Manager?

My job as product manager at IN'OYA is to imagine the products that could complete our range to best meet the black woman, matte or mixed. So my mission is to propose new products, from the choice of ingredients to packaging design, so that our dear OYA products have effective and pleasant to use. The opinion of the rest of the team is very important because our primary goal is to satisfy our customers as much as possible and for that many skills are needed.

In a second step, my mission is to manage the marketing of products on the market with our partner distributors. Thus, I am responsible for writing a product sheet to describe the novelty, but also to set up a communication plan, with promotions and events, to ensure product launch. What pleases me in this position is that my missions are very diversified and that they call for reflection, creativity and a lot of autonomy.

Laboratoire INOYA chef de produit

 Who are the women who use your products?

The OYA who uses our products is a woman who wants to feel good about herself, a woman who wants to feel beautiful and take care of her every day. It is important to enjoy yourself, to have confidence in yourself, to enjoy life to the full and to go forward without fear. That's what we want for our OYAs, that they feel strong!

 What are your favorite products?

Having my own matte skin, I am a big fan of the whole range, but I admit having a preference for My Gel Cleansing Exfoliating  that leaves me a baby skin and refines my skin texture day after day. Another of my favorites is the Unifying Moisturizing Body Milk, which deeply moisturizes my very dry skin in winter and leaves a divine smell. And finally, I have a big crush on the Correcting Serum that works wonders! It allowed me to eliminate my oldest tasks without attacking my sensitive skin.

 Why did you choose to highlight your skills in Laboratoire IN'OYA?

If I chose to work within the IN'OYA Laboratory, it's because it is the first ethnic brand that deals with the problems of black and matte skin by offering a specific anti-spot Serum that is especially effective. . I had the chance to know this brand during my studies, during an internship in which I was working on the research of anti-stain assets and it made me open my eyes to the huge research and development that is made in the Laboratory IN'OYA to offer the best products.

In addition to these aspects, the values ​​and commitments advocated by the IN'OYA Laboratory particularly affect me. It is a brand that has a great proximity to its OYA, a brand that keeps its promises and a brand that is fully interested in the specificities of my skin.

 Your last word?

Working in the laboratory IN'OYA makes me learn every day, from a professional point of view, but especially from a personal point of view, because it allows me to rediscover myself but also to discover others. Being part of this caring team is like having a new family whose goal is to make every woman happy in her skin. Being a member of the IN'OYA team is to be a player in a human adventure that aims to give the best of oneself to sublimate our dear OYA.

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