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Care and Maintenance of Men's Skin

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Care and Maintenance of Black Men's Skin


In numerous cases, skincare for black men are identical to skincare for women. There are however various other factors to take into account for men. The main problem that black men find is treatment and care for their beard. In fact, men shave their beard regularly, yet black and mixed-race skins are the hardest to shave because, when cut, the hair follicle curves and tends to push back into the skin.  This results in ingrown hairs, which cause irritation and shaving spots. It is therefore necessary for these gentlemen to define an effective and comfortable skin care ritual. You can also read our Beauty Tip on this subject.

Image: Shaving spots on the beard of a mixed-race man

Structure of the hair

Growth of beard hair in a spiral shape and lying flat makes shaving difficult for black men (as well as for women in the areas that they shave).


The growth stages of an ingrown hair

The different shaving methods

  • Clippers

Clippers will not allow for a close shave. But that’s fine if you want to keep the hairs a few milimetres long in a “three-day stubble” kind of look. 

  • The electric razor

The electric razor allows you to obtain a clean shave. However the repeated friction of passing the blades over your skin, especially when it is dry or if shaving is done when dry, can irritate and therefore encourage the apparition of shaving spots. 

  • The manual razor

For this method, you’ll need time. Choose to use this method straight after a bath or shower. The skin is thus moist and the hair follicles will be softer. 

  • Depilatory products

These are creams or powders specially formulated for Caribbean men's shaving purposes.

  • Permanent hair removal

Electric or laser hair removal. This is possible for black skinned men, but it must be performed by a medical professional who understands black skin very well and who possesses the appropriate tool (a laser with the correct wavelength). However this technique is very expensive and painful.

Exfoliants allow you to avoid having granular skin by eliminating any extra dead cells. It is the dead cells which, by accumulating, block the hair channel and prevent the hair from piercing the skin.

Good hydration, with a product which is designed for your face and body skin type (dry skin or mixed to oily skin), a soothing hydrating product, is recommended after shaving, which weakens the skin. To help the skin to scar and limit inflammation, it is important to ensure that the moisturising product used is also an anti-septic, or you must use an anti-septic before moisturising the shaved area.

Just like women’s beauty, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for men to have beautiful skin. Everyone has to find the routine which works for them.

Despite all the precautions we take, some hairs sometimes remain under the skin and need a little help to exit. The best thing to do is to extract them delicately by sliding a needle beneath them, and straightening them out without pulling them out. If not, a new hair will grow deeper and will once again be blocked. For the same reason, it is not advised to pluck the hairs with tweezers, and even less advised to remove them with waxing. In addition to the pain, there is a risk of global inflammation during regrowth.

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