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7 things to know about Anti-Dark Spot Serum

An anti-spot serum is an intensive treatment concentrated in active ingredients to fight specifically against the problems of spots on the skin. This ally can be used on a daily basis or as a...

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Know how to prevent and treat stains due to hair removal

      Some perfectionists take care to remove unsightly hair even in winter. Others are content to do hair removal only during the summer months. But when you have dark skin and are faced with...

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Hair removal on black or brown skin : what to choose?

    When you're a woman, removing hair from your legs, underarms and bikini line is part of your body routine, starting in your teens. But with black, mixed or dark skin, vigilance is...

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Brown skin in the sun: is it possible to tan without risk ?

Faced with the sun, we often think that brown skin can do without the application of a suncreen to have a pretty golden glow. However, it is also concerned by the dangers of UV rays! Contrary to...

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How to stop depigmenting ?

  There are many depigmenting products to lighten the skin and obtain a "mixed skin" or "Caucasian" complexion from black skin.  The best known are cosmetic creams based on depigmenting...

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