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Well-being: our advice for recharging your batteries during confinement

The current situation forces us to stay at home with family, friends or alone for some. The time may seem long, the motivation is not always there, the morale in the socks ... If some do not see...

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What care for beautiful black skin during pregnancy?

Mask of pregnancy, unexpected return of a forgotten acne, itching, stretch marks ... Pregnant , you are lost in front of the received ideas on black skin . Is it more prone to certain skin...

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Take care of your hair with a protective hairstyle:

What is a protective hairstyle? These are hairstyles that are able to protect your hair for several weeks. These hairstyles limit the manipulation of natural hair and to protect the hair from...

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How to sublimate your hands with a nude nail polish ?

Pretty hands with perfect nails with satin nude nail polish … We all dream of it! Nude nail polish is trendy, but it requires perfect hands : soft, smooth and clean nails . Before arriving at...

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Afro hair: how to choose your lace wig?

For a few years now, putting on wigs has become the new hair trend. Indeed stars like Kylie Jenner, Nicky Minaj or even Beyoncé have democratized the use of it. It’s a way to change your...

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