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End to popular belief about black skin in 10 points !

Black skin is the subject of many beliefs. As black skin experts, it was essential for us to enlighten you about these topics. We have collected the biggest myths in order to disentangle the truth...

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Combat stress to have beautiful skin

Is there a link between  stress and the appearance of our skin ? You're probably familiar with the expressions "feeling stressed" and "feeling bad about yourself". They show a plausible link...

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Curfew: 5 ideas to fight against the "Metro-Work-Night" effect

1. Cooking quick and tasty recipes Sometimes it's hard to be inspired for dinner after a long day at work. Thanks to curfew, say goodbye to classic culinary recipes. Take the time to discover...

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Body care : what to do to have a beautiful skin ?

Taking care of your body seems to be a matter of course. These seemingly basic daily habits can be done with awareness. Some of you have incorporated the application of a body lotion after your...

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How To Do Nude Makeup for Dark Skin ?

Nude makeup has been a trend for several seasons. In spite of its natural aspect, this make-up can seem complex to realize. For black and mixed race skins, the choice of colors can be difficult....

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