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Take care of the facial skin: the 3 essential steps

Taking care of your face taking into account the general characteristics of black skin is sometimes complex. Black skin is often defined as thicker than white skin, resistant to signs of aging,...

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How to avoid skin problems related to wearing a mask?

The protective mask is invited in your daily life. This post-containment accessory has become essential at work, in public places. Outside, you want to protect your health and that of others....

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Practical guide for a beautiful Afro beard

Having a beautiful Afro beard tempts you. Maintaining this new look is also subject to some hesitation. Accustomed to daily shaving, your skin will be affected by this change. An elegant frizzy...

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Understanding and treating Afro hair loss

You are concerned about losing your hair. It’s sometimes a taboo subject. However, it deserves to be approached seriously in order to understand its origin.  Traction alopecia  often explains this...

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Take care of your hair with a protective hairstyle:

What is a protective hairstyle? These are hairstyles that are able to protect your hair for several weeks. These hairstyles limit the manipulation of natural hair and to protect the hair from...

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