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Are BB creams and CC creams suitable for dark skin?

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Are BB creams and CC creams suitable for dark skin? The cosmetics market has been flooded with BB creams and CC creams over the past few years. But what are these new products that are fall somewhere between tinted moisturiser and foundation? Are they suitable for dark and olive skin?
Both of these creams have a basic function: versatility. These new "all-in-one" products offer an alternative to traditional foundations, which are often too heavy, clog pores and dry out skin.

- BB cream, or "blemish balm cream", is suitable for all skin types, including dark and olive skin, and offers natural coverage of skin irregularities while also improving texture. It can be used underneath make-up or in place of foundation. It has hydrating, soothing and unifying properties as well as SPF, and some even offer additional benefits such as wrinkle or dark spot correcting treatment.

- CC cream, for "colour and care" or "colour and correct", can be considered as an improved version of BB cream. It is an innovative product that hydrates, evens and covers small imperfections. CC cream repairs these imperfections, while BB cream simply conceals them. CC cream also has a lighter texture, a more transparent coverage (letting the skin breathe better), higher SPF, better moisturising and come in a wider range of shades to suit more skin colours. It is better suited to the skincare needs of dark and olive skin, especially thanks to its mattifyling properties.


BB and CC creams generally come in two shades - light and medium. So how do they perform for dark and olive skin? A light shade will slightly brighten skin, whereas a medium shade will even your skin tone, leaving it slightly lighter and more luminous. For dark and olive skin, opt for brands that offer shades for darker skin tones.

If you can't find a suitable shade, mix in a drop of foundation or tinted moisturiser with your BB or CC cream to achieve the desired shade.


After applying your BB or CC cream, use a bronzing powder to finish for a luminous, healthy glow!
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